January 9

Today was a great day. The picture of the day is appropriate because I drew a Christmas Tree on that Etch A Sketch even though Christmas is long over, and tonight we had our Christmas concert and everyone sang Christmas songs and such even though Christmas is long over. These are the reasons why the day is great: It's the day before Liz's birthday and at lunch, there were two people playing harmonica and singing and walking around the cafeteria. The girl's name was Tori and I don't know the boy's name (I am glad I don't know this; I am sick of knowing everyone's name all the time). I asked them to play a birthday song for Liz and after they were done I started clapping and cheering really loud. And then my table started in on the clapping and then it spread to the surrounding tables and eventually the whole cafeteria was yelling and applauding and the majority of them didn't know why. It was real swell. 

Another reason why the day was great is that it looked beautiful outside. I walked part of the way home and I enjoyed looking at all the crystalized trees so much that I didn't even feel frustrated that I didn't have my camera. I usually feel this, and it detracts from enjoying the moment. Tonight at the concert, Erin Ollis sang a solo and I cried. I don't know why I cried. I just felt such a powerful swoop of emotion and then the tears just popped out. Nobody else cried. 

The song of the day is "Go Tell It on the Mountain." Because it made me have something worthwhile to write about in my blog.

Happy Birthday Liz in fifteen minutes!

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Steve Cary said...

"...on that Etch A Sketch even though Christmas is long over"

"...and such even though Christmas is long over."

Repeated phrase. Thats the problem with writing at quarter to midnight. Sleep deprivation. Otherwise, it was a nice post.