January 30

This is a fairly uninteresting picture of the day. The spoons are laid out like that because Michela was bewildered and fascinated by how many of the exact same wooden spoon we have in my kitchen. Of course they're not all identical, only the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh one from the far right are. And one of those was burned on the side so it's kind of black. I am really hungry right now. 

My history midterm was horrific as expected, but the fact that I was expecting it made it much easier to deal with. Tonight I went to the mall and bought a winter carnival dress at Banana Republic for only eighteen dollars. Will someone please remind me why I am going to winter carnival? Michela wanted to get some kid's vitamins because the regular ones make her sick, and we went into both vitamin stores in the mall looking for the right kind (who knew there were two vitamin stores in the mall). The second one was better because a middle aged man worked there who knew a lot about vitamins and he gave Michela some good advice. His hair was frosted and he was wearing a navy blue tie that said "Vitamin World!" all over it. This kind of stuff makes me sad. I have a three day weekend and I am glad for it. The song of the day is "The Boxer" by Simon and Garfunkel. 

Today I discovered that my true calling is to be an amazing singer, but then the dream was shattered minutes after being formulated when Emily said, "but you're not good enough!" My sister is actually nice though. And I'm not giving up on my shattered dream!

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