January 18

It snowed for most of the day today. It was snowing very hard when I woke up and I couldn't remember another time this year when this happened, although I'm sure there was, but it was still nice. From my window I can see the snow and the smoke from the chimney. It is a very inviting scene to which to wake up. This picture is of a hedgehog in Michela's house. It is probably from Nigeria or something. I went over there to have "spaghetti and small talk." It was fun, but the talk wasn't really small talk, it was real talk, and we didn't have spaghetti. We had short tubes of pasta. I don't know what they're called.

When I drove home from Princeton the snowfall was very heavy. I quickly learned that high beams make it more difficult to see through snow, so I drove through the majority of Princeton's narrow, unlit, and windy roads sufficiently blind and at a speed of 20 mph (this was the first time I have ever driven in this weather). The car skidded often. I parked in the neighbor's driveway because I was scared to drive down my own. When I walked the short distance from my parking space to my house, I couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful everything looked. Snow is really very cool. I wanted to take a picture but I knew I couldn't even come close to doing it justice. So you get this hedgehog instead. Oh yeah when I took this picture Abi Wilson said "I used to have a pet hedgehog. Actually it was a porcupine." It took us a while to convince her that no one, pardon perhaps Henry David Thoreau, has ever been able to keep a porcupine as a pet.

The song of the day is "Joy" by Against Me! even though it doesn't really fit the theme of snow. The picture doesn't either. This song reminds me of Andrew because he once said it was one of his top five favorite songs ever written. We always argued about one line in it that he thought was "And the tigers in their cages roar at a memory of flight." I think it says fight and not flight because that's what it sounds like, and also, wouldn't tigers be more likely to fight than fly? Either way, it's a pretty good line.

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