January 7

I took this after I was shoveling the ice/ snow off the driveway and I noticed the house looked really cool against the dusky sky and all the frozen trees. Of course it looked way better in real life, but that's always the case with pictures. That green room is my room. I'm a vision! Today we had a snow day because an ice storm (a baby this time) hit us. But unlike during the last storm, I didn't lay awake all night in a blind panic while trees crashed into the house. My mom always inserts the word "corn" into words it doesn't belong. For example:

The reason I said that is because she just said one of them. Today I drove to orchestra in weird weather. First my mom and I spent an hour shoveling the driveway so I could get out, and then every glass surface in the car was so foggy that I had to keep rolling down the windows to see. And this became a problem once it started sleeting. I drove on the highway and listened to Regina Spektor really loud. The sleet was becoming a wall of water and I made the windshield wipers wipe as fast as they could go, and I was gripping the steering wheel with both hands and crouching forward all weird just because I was so nervous that I would run into another car I couldn't see or slip on ice and lose control. And all the while the song was really loud and the windshield wipers were beating like bass drums. But everything was fine and when I got off the highway and stopped at a red light, the Regina Spektor song ended. So "Us" by Regina Spektor is the song of the day because it was the soundtrack to my highway ride in the crazy, blinding rain. 

Today my mom made zucchini spice muffins.

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