March 31

Today the earth springs forth these green leaves; spring is upon us. I'm exhilarated by new birth, but at the same time, today nature suffered a painful loss. I haven't felt any indignation towards the ice storm as an entity up until now. Ten days without power and extra hours of school couldn't bother me nearly as much as the death of the magnolia tree at the end of my road. Every spring, magnolia flowers burst into full bloom and color, radiate beauty, and then wither and die, all within a week on the branches of this tree. The ice storm broke its branches and snapped off the twigs wherein hide the blossoms. Today the town of Holden cut down its little trunk and ground its stump into sawdust. In its wake lie the mass graves of its once vital limbs and the limbs of trees nearby. They are stacked in rectangular blocks and they sit waiting for the trucks to come and grind them into piles of yellow and brown dust. Because my magnolia tree died before it could invigorate this spring and every future spring with its efflorescence, I will mark March 31 as the elegy for the trees. 


March 30

This picture is called, "View of the Outside from the Inside." Today was cold and rainy and cold + rainy = fall not spring, especially when it smells like dead leaves instead of the new ones. I'm reading Hamlet right now and I like it. I've loved everything we've read this year in English. It makes me worried for reading without Mr. Tarmey's help next year. He honestly taught me how to read. Intellectually at least. I realized that most of my conversations as of late are centered on future events. That's kind of silly! April is going to be great. I'm going to be out of the state from the seventeenth until the end! I'm so excited, it's about time things get mixed up around here. The song of the day is "Sister Jack" by Spoon.

Even though I don't like to divulge too many details about my personal life here, I should probably say that I am no longer waiting for any colleges to tell me if they like me or not, and I've been wait listed at as many places as I've been accepted (four). I guess it's better than being rejected, because "rejected" is one of the worst words in the English language. Definitely surpassed by "cluster" though. I hate that word so much. It reminds me of tiny black holes all squished together and when you look at them for a while some tiny worms come out.


March 29

I'm feeling in limbo right now, and I don't like it. Today I went to installment 2 of Emily's dance show. I'm still feeling very creative but not knowing what to do with it. Usually rain is good but it just made me sad today. The song of the day is "Different Names for the Same Thing" by Death Cab for Cutie. I'm excited for spring to come but I keep feeling bored with the season's change and bored with my knowing exactly what to expect. Do you know what I mean? I'm not that excited to wear sandals and go swimming because I remember feeling exactly this way last year. I think I just figured out why my grandmother never goes swimming. I've always thought it would be boring to sit by the edge of the pool and watch everyone else in the water like she does, but I guess by the time you've been excited to swim for the first time since the summer for the seventieth year in a row, swimming loses its appeal. I hope all my disillusionment disappears really soon. Most preferably in the next month. What are the chances of that happening?


March 28

Today I took a lot of good pictures on film and left my digital camera at home, and as a result, this lackluster gem is picture of the day. It looks like it should be part of one of those kids books that show pictures of items really close up and you have to guess what they are. I went to my sister's dance show at Clark tonight. Jen, Ballet Arts Worcester's director, gave me a gift certificate for the photography store on Park Ave because I took the company head shots for the programs. I wasn't expecting her to give me anything, and that was just fine, but now I am really excited to go to L.B. Wheaton. I think I might buy some film for my Diana. Also some woman approached me saying she would completely reimburse me if I sent her the head shot of her daughter. I explained to her that it cost me virtually nothing. Save for the price of gas, which my mother paid for, so forget that. So that was the first taste of my life as a photographer (nonexistent). Tomorrow they dance again, and I am more excited for that show because the dancers choreographed the pieces themselves, and one of the dances is to a Wilco song. I'll probably try to arrange for picture of the day to be something dance-related. Watching ballet makes me feel really creative. I need to fit more art into my life. If I can take at least one picture a day for a year, I can spend a couple days every once in a while making art. Also today I decided (to myself) where I want to go to college. I don't know if it's possible, because of financial issues, but I feel like this is most definitely something to which to devote a lot of willpower.

The song of the day is "Lazy Eye" by the Silversun Pickups, because I listened to it maybe five times today. It reminds me of the summer of 2007, which was probably my best summer.


March 27

april is in four days wow i'm tired and i have nothing to say i can't keep my eyes open. green plastic watering can for a fake chinese rubber plant but that is not the song of the day there are too many to choose from i just saw a really weird youtube video felt like a bad dream that you can't figure out the plot to. it rained last night and this morning it was still wet and smelled like spring the inside of walgreens has tile floors and lights and driving on the highway i liked the way the bright lights on the construction sights on exit 27 looked. i looked for too long and went into the left lane and someone honked and i went back into mine. i have to save three trees at the end of my road and my car went over a toad in the dark but i think it didn't die if it did it would be the third animal i killed and i can't take that. april is in four days


March 26

Today was..... eventful. Uh. I had this confrontation that was so uncomfortable that it actually became a little enjoyable. You know how sometimes when you're giving a presentation, and it's embarrassing and awkward, to the point where you can't help but giggle? That was my day today. But it was even better than that. If you ask me, I'll tell you all about it. In other news, I got a big fat acceptance letter in the mail! This wouldn't be such a big deal if I wasn't expecting never to see one again. Liz came over sort of to watch American Idol but really for no reason at all, and we turned on the tv exactly when the show was ending. Michael got voted off, if you care. It strikes me as comical that spell check is saying I should change the word "tv" to "tav." I'm pretty sure that means something in Hebrew.

In study #1 today, I couldn't decide between a blueberry bagel and a cinnammon bagel. I'm starting to get pretty excited for going to Toronto with the music department. The song of the day is "The Wanting Comes in Waves/ Repaid" off the Decemberists' new album, which is great. Where is spring.


March 25

"Today was a day for disappointment," Liz says. I really can't wait for March to be over. Today I bought the new Decemberists album with Lanny and it is very good. Also I drove to JOMP for the third (3rd) day in a row. And since my damn ipod is still broken I listened to the radio. Apparently now all the radio plays is the Killers. I'm not sure how I feel about this. 

The reason why today was a disappointment, was, among many other reasons, that what people will do to other people for meaningless or superficial reasons is sometimes heartbreaking. The song of the day is that human/ dancer song by the Killers. It had to be, since I heard it on the radio three (3) times.


March 24

Parker called me Eggs in Freshman year because my the icon to my ichat screename was three blue eggs in a nest. I am now getting spam comments on this blog, so I changed the setting so only members of this blog can comment. I feel kind of bad, because I don't really care who comments. Maybe I'll change it back. I had a flute lesson today AND yesterday because I missed one a couple of weeks earlier. Yesterday I really wanted to take a picture of Tim's cello on the chair next to the window because the sun looked nice on it but I didn't have my camera. So I brought it today and devised an elaborate ploy to get Tim out of the room by suggesting he go look for Syrinx, a piece I'm going to learn to play, in the library. Then I got out my camera speedy quick and took a picture and was proud of my sneakiness. 

Oh and also, today is bad because my ipod broke! I don't know what's wrong with it but it looks like a goner. This is incredibly bad news seeing as this was my replacement ipod for the real ipod I lost last fall. This little guy only holds like two songs. And now he's dead. I didn't get the new Decemberists album today, but I am going tomorrow. I added it as an event on my cell phone calendar and then for some god-forsaken reason a siren-like cell phone alarm went off at six thiry this morning. Apparently that's what happens when you add an event to the calendar? Anyways I had no idea what the sound was so I just sort of dumbly pressed every available button on my alarm clock four or five times over and became increasingly frustruated until I realized it was not my alarm clock but my phone. I told my sister this and she thought it was funny, and asked "Why are you so disillusioned in the morning?" Disillusioned doesn't really seem like the right word to me though, I would say "asleep" would cut it better.

The song of the day is um oh "Paranoid Android"! Cause it's the best.


March 23

Well I tried to find something that just recently grew out of the ground, but I couldn't. The first day I find it, it's going to be picture of the day. Today I had to get a Gardisil shot in my left arm. It wasn't really anything worth going to detail about. The song of the day is "New Slang" because it was playing on the radio (?!) when we drove to the doctor's office. It was still light out at seven tonight!


March 22

Well it's March 22, and I actually had a pretty good day. I feel kind of dumb saying that, probably because I believed something awful was going to happen today so hard that I think I actually wanted it to. But this morning when I woke up somebody (Paul) had left a camera for me to borrow (pictured) in my driveway. So I shot a whole role and then learned how to develop the film! So so cool. It's my new favorite hobby. Except I don't actually own this camera. I do own my Diana though! And it (she)'s great. It's kind of weird that this is the picture of the day seeing as I took thirty two meticulous, painstaking shots today of more interesting subjects. Wow. I'm really lucky that today is such a contrast from previous March 22's. But I don't want to get into specifics. Plus, I have this dread that nothing can stay good for long. Especially during this time of year.

My mom made zucchini spice muffins and me and Bryan Deihl were in Parker's movie. I think it's really funny, and just because I want everyone to see it, I will write its link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bRF-a4qfRk&feature=channel_page


March 21

There are many reasons why I don't want to go to sleep. One of which is that my bed is currently stripped and I have to make it before I sleep in it. Another is that when I wake up tomorrow, it will be March 22, and I hate March 22. There is pretty much no hope that anything good will happen tomorrow, even if I pretend there is. This is a picture of a pair of pants I bought in Boston today. I know that colorful jeans are controversial now since all the indie kids adopted them. So I asked a guy who worked at Urban Outfitters if he thought they were lame and he said that he liked them and that he was telling the truth because look at my shoes, they're bright blue. Except he and I both knew that colorful sneakers are and always will be more fashionable than colorful jeans. So we'll just see if I can pull these off. They were only ten dollars though. And a good rule of thumb to apply when clothes shopping is that if you're debating over an item of clothing, and then you find out that it's only ten dollars, you should buy it. Liz got freaky-lucky when she bought a multitude of items over ten dollars and repeatedly learned that most were, in fact, ten dollars. I think the game of "Only Buying Things From Urban Outfitters That Are Ten Dollars" is a good idea. 

Today was really fun. On the train home, these drunk guys flirted with us. I tried really hard to find them obnoxious but I couldn't; they were too funny. "Comical to my sense of humor," as Liz would say. The song of the day is "Step Into My Office, Baby" by Belle and Sebastian. Oh man, I bought Jenny Lewis' first solo album. One of those should be song of the day but I haven't listened to it. I really don't want to make my bed.

I also wish I could sleep through tomorrow, but I can't.


March 20

A few things worth mentioning happened today. One is that I accidentally cut my thumb with my fingernail while playing volleyball, and it bled way more than I ever would have expected it to. There was a line of blood almost all the way to my wrist. And I didn't know what to do with all of it. I couldn't hit the ball again, I would contaminate everyone. And I know you're probably not supposed to wipe blood on clothes. Luckily class ended shortly after so I could go wash it off. If you can't tell, I don't get injured too often. Blood is both confounding and thrilling. It gives me a usually false sense of "tough." Another thing worth mentioning is that I went to Melodies after school. It's Baby Step #1 towards achieving my ultimate goal of singing! Kelsey made me go, so she is picture of the day. Except for she is holding my flash case in front of her face. It's fun to put that case on your hand and pretend you don't have fingers. I'm going to Boston tomorrow and it's going to be fun and expensive. Yeah that's right, I am not going to school (also known as three classes of movies, one of working on a project, and study for three hours). The song of the day is "Crushed Bones" by Why? because it is in my head right now. I feel self-conscious sometimes that the songs of the day aren't varied enough. It's mostly just what's in my head.

Oh yeah, today's the first day of spring. So woo-hoo, it's spring, but this week still sucks. Wait, maybe that's why I hate this week so much! It's a transition between winter and spring, and I have seasonal depression! I think. 


March 19

I don't even want to write about today because nothing about it constitutes part of  a "good day." The best part of this awful week is the way the sky looks before the sun goes down, and how I can enjoy it now, because I don't resent sunset when it comes at seven. I am skipping school this Saturday, I decided, and going to Boston. I haven't bought any clothing in a really long time. I will now briefly describe my ideal spring jacket. I want a jacket that I can wear inside and outside. Alright, that's enough. And I need new sneakers because the ones I'm wearing now, despite looking fashionably worn-in, in fact are just stained by Farmland doo-doo. I need to go to bed now and I found my lens cap so now I can put my camera in my Mazel Tov hat and take it places!


March 18

Although you can't tell from this picture, today was the warmest day since... October? September? I got to drive around with the window open and wear no coat. I like this picture because it shows the pile of dead sticks, remnant of the ice storm, that seems to be a staple in every Holden front yard. Except mine of course. Our dead sticks are strewn evenly and thickly throughout my yard-forest. I have so much to say about American Idol and absolutely no one wants to hear it. I want to start an American Idol blog that no one would read. That would be really fun. Today when I picked Emily up from Student Council I saw a man standing in front of a flag stand and staring up at the flag. Those things are pretty high up, so his head was at a ninety degree angle to his neck, and he was just staring. Characteristic of the middle of March, I feel completely disinterested in everything. Not uninterested, disinterested. There's a difference, you know.

The song of the day is "Credit Card Mail Order" by the Brunettes, even though I listened to Why? way more today. I love Why?. I recently re-discovered them, even though I never stopped listening to them. So I guess that's an inappropriate verb choice. I am trying to see how far I can walk away from school every day before someone picks me up. Someone always does. Today Molly did. Although Lanny drove by before and didn't stop. Lanny, if you're reading this right now, I hope you fall off a bridge. Just kidding, I don't hope that. 

I would like to recommend that everyone stay away from Nilla Cakesters. They're not nearly as good as you'd think.


March 17

Today Mr. Welsch was talking about LaGaan, the movie we're watching, and how it has a happy ending. And he said, "If it was a real Mr. Welsch movie it would end like the Mission and everyone would blow up and die." I hope to someday be as bitter as Mr. Welsch. Also my flute teacher is trying to set me up with the kid who has a lesson after me. Today he tried to force Andy to say pink was my color and it matched with my black hair. Last week I had to say that Andy looked like a fox in his "New York Black." Andy is 13 years old and has acne. I saw him at the mall once and we said hi.

Oh yeah and St. Patrick's Day is today, and I did absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. The song of the day is "Effigy" by Andrew Bird because it was playing in Barnes & Noble. And it's nice.


March 16

I hate today! It sucks! March 22 is Black Day: my worst day of every year. This year the week leading up to it is also pretty dark. This is such a negative picture. Do you know how mean swans are? Will cynicism work in guarding myself from disappointment?

The song of the day is "The Vowels Pt. 2" by Why? This is the chorus:
"Cheery-a cheery-e cheery-i cheery-o cheery-u" 

Yeah right!


March 15

I hope this picture makes you feel like something heavy and sad is inside of you. That's what I think when I look at it.  Today, a lot of people who didn't even see this picture feel all its negative space inside their bodies. This is dedicated to someone I never knew.


March 14

I just spilled Fresca on my thumb. This is probably because I am drinking Fresca out of a little blue bowl. We have clean cups, I just like drinking out of bowls. I think I am maybe a cat or something. This is a bad picture. It looks like the ISO is all the way up but I don't know why it would be. Also that thing is supposed to be a pony but I just realized there are no physical similarities between it and a pony. It doesn't even have an ear. It's the piñata from my birthday party! I just bought some ice cream at Honey Farms with Ann, and when I parked I had the urge to drive headlong into the side of the building. Just to see Ann's reaction. I have two projects to do tomorrow! Also I am going to the library. Today was nice. I'm going to go read a Barbara Kingsolver book. Potd will be more interesting tomorrow.


March 13

Today we got a pellet stove installed. It looks like a real stove but it burns tiny grey pellets composed of an unknown material, instead of wood. I guess I like it okay because it is really warm and we don't have to cut wood and bring it up every hour and the fire can be burning all the time. But it has a lot of downsides, including a weird smell and a constant, substantially loud humming noise. Also it is really bright when it is dark outside. But I think that should actually go in the benefits part. Anyways today I had early dismissal and I walked home from school and then I laid on the floor of the living room in the sun like a cat, listening to "Who Will Cut Our Hair Once We're Gone" two times through. The song of the day is "Penalty" by Beirut. I know a Beirut song was the song of the day very recently, but I just got this album so I'm listening to it a lot. I really like it. This picture is Jenn Naze's house. She had a Taboo party! Taboo is fun. While I was taking this picture, Michela was backing her car into a snow bank and not noticing and Parker thought it was hilarious and he did that weird high pitched choking laugh he sometimes does. Then I drove Parker home and we got a little lost in the farmy Sterling backroads but we didn't panic or anything because we knew we'd find our way home. 


March 12

The snow is receding like a balding man's hair! Someone should shoot me for that simile. I usually don't pay any attention to commercials, but there is this really strange one in which a (omg I can hear it in the living room right now) big mouth bass on the wall sings at a man eating a filet-o-fish, "Give me back my filet-o-fish, give me that fish" in a strange and surreally nasal fish-voice. My mom keeps imitating it, and her imitation is even more surreal than the commercial. Also I always read the AV Club reviews of American Idol (I may enjoy them more than watching the show), and last night there was a reference to this somehow-ubiquitous commercial. 

I would like to say, that I hate college. And I hate the new facebook.

Today I wanted to fall asleep in four classes in a row and I know I never used to be this tired. M. Monahan says I will get into McGill, and he is Québecois, so does that mean I got in? I don't know. Maybe I will contact McGill and ask them if only their admissions committee makes the decisions, or just any Québecois can. I feel bad that I'm so awful at volleyball. 

Why does my back hurt so bad? Why?


March 11

I bought this sweater yesterday for $2.50 at the Corner Shop in Holden. The women who work there always ask Parker if he has a girlfriend. Today I fell asleep on the spiral part of my notebook during study long block and it made three indents in my chin. I dreamt I was ice skating, which I hate. Also I heard (this wasn't a dream) someone walking down the hallway and whistling the tune that Elle Driver whistles in the beginning of Kill Bill Volume 1. I wish I knew who this person was; they made me smile. My back hurts from slouching all day. The weather is currently very characteristic of March. It is chilly, windy, and rainy. The snow melted again. School seemed so unbearable and I wanted to go home all day today. My mom "fired" me from the job of feeding the cat because I do such a bad job with it which is life-threatening to Stella. My new household job is grocery shopping. If you ask me, this is a way more dangerous task and I would not allot it to myself had I the choice. Stella is going to be well-fed, but the family will either go hungry or have to survive on Reese's Puffs or some other ridiculous food item that only seems appealing to me when I am bored of grocery shopping and debit-card-power-hungry. 

The song of the day is "Objects of my Affection" by Peter Bjorn and John. I don't have their new album yet but I heard it's good, I think? Pitchfork looks so different now. I don't like it because I can't really figure out how to use it. Also I can't find any record reviews for albums made before 1999, which freaks me out. Oh no! Speaking of Pitchfork, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah is taking a "break," which could very well mean they are breaking up. This is devastating news! I've never even seen them live, and they made what is probably my favorite album. So saad. I'm hungry for Reese's Puffs.


March 10

Sorry Stella is the picture of the day so often. She is just always there, and she doesn't move much, so she will always make for a good subject. It's really late. I found this chapstick I bought in Boston two years ago and it tastes like candy. I want to eat it. I just finished my Beloved critique. It's kind of okay. There are some parts I like. I bet it'll be destroyed. RIP badmitton, now we're playing demonic volleyball. I miss those feather-light birdies. Maybe I'll take up badmitton on my own. The song of the day is "A Sunday Smile" by Beirut. It's not even close to Sunday. I really want to try and see if I am capable of starting a huge project earlier than the day before it's due. You know, just as an experiment. It might be fun! Oh man. I would have more to say but my mind is falling asleep. Goodnight.


March 9

Long gone are the months where snowfall was beautiful and appreciated. The month of March is clearance for complaints, disgust, and disbelief about the omnipresence of winter. But it is rather annoying. Every year snow falls all the way through March and frequently April, but it still merits general shock and annoyance. So in response to yesterday's blog entry: Never mind. Winter is back with a vengeance. The song of the day is "Milk Thistle" by Conor Oberst. Liz was listening to her ipod on shuffle and the song "Salacious" came on from Rock the SATs. Salacious means "treating sexual matters in an indecent way and typically conveying undue interest or enjoyment in the subject." Hmm.

We're watching Amélie in French, sans sous-titres! Maybe someday I'll blog entirely in French. Oh wait, I can't speak or write in French. My family is watching 24 right now and it is really loud. And I think someone is either being tortured or murdered. Hey, I don't really like 24. For that reason. I don't have anything else interesting to say.


March 8

Today Liz and I drove to this park (see above) and sat in the grass and talked about general betrayals and infidelities. It was sixty degrees today and the snow is almost completely melted in worcester. It was beautiful and it felt so good to stand in the sun and be warm and run around barefoot and try to do cartwheels. We also went to GoodWill and bought books. A little kid threw up and I thought I was going to have a panic attack, so I stood in the corner in the back of the women's sweater section while Liz bought my book for me and then told me when it was safe to come out. Then we went to Blockbuster to rent Beloved. It took me three tries to park fully in my spot, and I had to circle around the parking lot every time I did it wrong. I really hate that parking lot. Beloved followed the book so well and I thought it was a really well made movie. The last scene made me cry, just like it did in the book. Someone in my house keeps leaving the cap off the toothpaste. Everybody is denying it. There is no song of the day today; is that okay? 


March 7

Tomorrow the clocks go forward and we lose and hour to thin air, poof. But I'm happy because that means more daylight which means more warm air which means Hope Month is in action. I am good today. It's Saturday and I went to school but I feel like it was a really long time ago. Then I went tubing with the Massachusetts Club and we acted like little kids (i.e. screaming, running clumsily, racing, saying "I call the first lane"). In this picture, I keep looking at the traffic light and thinking about how it looks like pairs of shoes hung up by string. Imagine if there were pairs of shoes instead of the traffic light one day. Last period in school today we watched a Bollywood movie in history and I think the reason the dancing scene was so funny was because of the pitch of the woman's voice. I feel like if I don't go to sleep soon, I am going to crash. Oh yeah, I can't even describe how funny hypnotized people are. I mean really hypnotized. It's really, really funny. I just watched Sideways. Can I say that Paul Giamati reminds me of Mr. Tarmey? The song of the day is "No Children" by the Mountain Goats. My male stripper has dirt on his legs.

March 6

I don't know the owner of this hand


March 5

I call this one "Portrait of a Young Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer Man." After he shrunk all the way I put him back in room temperature water and he engorged but now his legs are super small. I worked out today! Isn't that weird? When I woke up this morning my arm hurt because I slept on my stomach with it all crunched up under my chest. I can't straighten it! I wish this injury stemmed from something tougher than a weird sleeping position. The song of the day is "Jellybones" by the Unicorns. 


March 4

What a sad-looking sight this picture is. Today is my mom's favorite day because you can say it like "March forth!" At this time last year I was more excited, less bored, and way more stressed. When I woke up this morning, the heater in my house was broken, so I ran out of bed, grabbed the nearest clean clothes, and got dressed under the covers. It was fun and I haven't done that since I was a child. I'm tired. General resolves I made today are
  1. Stop. Eating. Oreos.
  2.  I need to curb my fascination with American Idol. Today I cried tears of joy when they brought Anoop back. And then was thoroughly ashamed of myself.
The song of the day is "3rd Planet" by Modest Mouse. "Everything that keeps us together is falling apart." I'll say.


March 3

Today I watched Arthur and Mr. Ratburn said something that I thought was really funny. It was, "You know Arthur, there was once a time when I was a real fatty rat." 

Being de-throned in band is slowly crushing my soul. It's making me not only hate the class, but dread going to school. It's weird, I didn't feel like this last year when I was second. I just felt occasionally annoyed. Now I feel like my self-worth has diminished. On a lighter note, today was the first time this winter (I think) that I've driven to my flute lesson when it was still light out (meaning it was light at 5:30). Our heater just broke and we have no heat but in all honesty, I can't really feel the difference. In this picture you can sort of see the bus at the end of the road. It's driving to a big parking lot where a bunch of school buses park after no kids need them anymore. It's surreal to park on the road during this time of day because you just watch schoolbus after schoolbus drive by in a straight line. The song of the day is "Gnashville" by Why?. I don't know if I have an anatomy quiz tomorrow.


March 2

Today is actually Casimir Pulaski Day. And it feels like winter is back. I shoveled the driveway and afterwards I threw my body headlong into mounds of snow because it's fun and it doesn't hurt. Also because I haven't even played in the snow this winter, which is absurd! I was listening to Passion Pit which probably wasn't appropriate music since snow is peaceful and Passion Pit is everything but. I'm not sure how I feel about Passion Pit. This picture is of the snow in the window above the kitchen sink. That window is the most photogenic part of my house. It is painted white but the paint is peeling and it is dark underneath. I finished Beloved today! I know it's going to be on my mind for a while. The song of the day is "Walk in the Park" by Oh No Oh My. I don't think anyone knows who they are. I don't, really. But I really like this album, because they say things like "nice day for a walk in the park/ nice day for a drive-by shooting" and then soon following are some cute "badaba ba badada"s.

I can never find a black sharpie when I need one. Three of my toes are numb. I can't really look forward to a real weekend after this week which is unfortunate, but at least I get to go snow-tubing, which may or may not be on my list of things-that-would-be-really-fun-if-I-wasn't-afraid.


March 1

Guess what I just found out? Today is not Casimir Pulaski Day. And everyone thinks it is because he says "On the first of March, on the holiday" in the song. But it's actually the first Monday in March, which is tomorrow! And it's only celebrated in Illinois. So this could be a flaw in the system. I'm glad though because I didn't want to make it song of the day today because I wanted "Jeep Song" by the Dresden Dolls to be so instead. I don't listen to the Dresden Dolls and that song is on the third driving mix tape that Andrew once made me. It is the best out of the three and it reminds me of summer time. Today is the first of Hope Month and it seems more like winter today than it has for pretty much the whole of February. I am heavily banking on a Snow Day tomorrow. My dad says 99.9% chance and he hasn't been wrong yet! I don't know why I capitalized snow day.