March 13

Today we got a pellet stove installed. It looks like a real stove but it burns tiny grey pellets composed of an unknown material, instead of wood. I guess I like it okay because it is really warm and we don't have to cut wood and bring it up every hour and the fire can be burning all the time. But it has a lot of downsides, including a weird smell and a constant, substantially loud humming noise. Also it is really bright when it is dark outside. But I think that should actually go in the benefits part. Anyways today I had early dismissal and I walked home from school and then I laid on the floor of the living room in the sun like a cat, listening to "Who Will Cut Our Hair Once We're Gone" two times through. The song of the day is "Penalty" by Beirut. I know a Beirut song was the song of the day very recently, but I just got this album so I'm listening to it a lot. I really like it. This picture is Jenn Naze's house. She had a Taboo party! Taboo is fun. While I was taking this picture, Michela was backing her car into a snow bank and not noticing and Parker thought it was hilarious and he did that weird high pitched choking laugh he sometimes does. Then I drove Parker home and we got a little lost in the farmy Sterling backroads but we didn't panic or anything because we knew we'd find our way home. 

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