March 24

Parker called me Eggs in Freshman year because my the icon to my ichat screename was three blue eggs in a nest. I am now getting spam comments on this blog, so I changed the setting so only members of this blog can comment. I feel kind of bad, because I don't really care who comments. Maybe I'll change it back. I had a flute lesson today AND yesterday because I missed one a couple of weeks earlier. Yesterday I really wanted to take a picture of Tim's cello on the chair next to the window because the sun looked nice on it but I didn't have my camera. So I brought it today and devised an elaborate ploy to get Tim out of the room by suggesting he go look for Syrinx, a piece I'm going to learn to play, in the library. Then I got out my camera speedy quick and took a picture and was proud of my sneakiness. 

Oh and also, today is bad because my ipod broke! I don't know what's wrong with it but it looks like a goner. This is incredibly bad news seeing as this was my replacement ipod for the real ipod I lost last fall. This little guy only holds like two songs. And now he's dead. I didn't get the new Decemberists album today, but I am going tomorrow. I added it as an event on my cell phone calendar and then for some god-forsaken reason a siren-like cell phone alarm went off at six thiry this morning. Apparently that's what happens when you add an event to the calendar? Anyways I had no idea what the sound was so I just sort of dumbly pressed every available button on my alarm clock four or five times over and became increasingly frustruated until I realized it was not my alarm clock but my phone. I told my sister this and she thought it was funny, and asked "Why are you so disillusioned in the morning?" Disillusioned doesn't really seem like the right word to me though, I would say "asleep" would cut it better.

The song of the day is um oh "Paranoid Android"! Cause it's the best.

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