March 30

This picture is called, "View of the Outside from the Inside." Today was cold and rainy and cold + rainy = fall not spring, especially when it smells like dead leaves instead of the new ones. I'm reading Hamlet right now and I like it. I've loved everything we've read this year in English. It makes me worried for reading without Mr. Tarmey's help next year. He honestly taught me how to read. Intellectually at least. I realized that most of my conversations as of late are centered on future events. That's kind of silly! April is going to be great. I'm going to be out of the state from the seventeenth until the end! I'm so excited, it's about time things get mixed up around here. The song of the day is "Sister Jack" by Spoon.

Even though I don't like to divulge too many details about my personal life here, I should probably say that I am no longer waiting for any colleges to tell me if they like me or not, and I've been wait listed at as many places as I've been accepted (four). I guess it's better than being rejected, because "rejected" is one of the worst words in the English language. Definitely surpassed by "cluster" though. I hate that word so much. It reminds me of tiny black holes all squished together and when you look at them for a while some tiny worms come out.

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