March 3

Today I watched Arthur and Mr. Ratburn said something that I thought was really funny. It was, "You know Arthur, there was once a time when I was a real fatty rat." 

Being de-throned in band is slowly crushing my soul. It's making me not only hate the class, but dread going to school. It's weird, I didn't feel like this last year when I was second. I just felt occasionally annoyed. Now I feel like my self-worth has diminished. On a lighter note, today was the first time this winter (I think) that I've driven to my flute lesson when it was still light out (meaning it was light at 5:30). Our heater just broke and we have no heat but in all honesty, I can't really feel the difference. In this picture you can sort of see the bus at the end of the road. It's driving to a big parking lot where a bunch of school buses park after no kids need them anymore. It's surreal to park on the road during this time of day because you just watch schoolbus after schoolbus drive by in a straight line. The song of the day is "Gnashville" by Why?. I don't know if I have an anatomy quiz tomorrow.

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