March 17

Today Mr. Welsch was talking about LaGaan, the movie we're watching, and how it has a happy ending. And he said, "If it was a real Mr. Welsch movie it would end like the Mission and everyone would blow up and die." I hope to someday be as bitter as Mr. Welsch. Also my flute teacher is trying to set me up with the kid who has a lesson after me. Today he tried to force Andy to say pink was my color and it matched with my black hair. Last week I had to say that Andy looked like a fox in his "New York Black." Andy is 13 years old and has acne. I saw him at the mall once and we said hi.

Oh yeah and St. Patrick's Day is today, and I did absolutely nothing out of the ordinary. The song of the day is "Effigy" by Andrew Bird because it was playing in Barnes & Noble. And it's nice.

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Mr. Bronson said...

I love "The Mission"... nice picture today as well.