March 21

There are many reasons why I don't want to go to sleep. One of which is that my bed is currently stripped and I have to make it before I sleep in it. Another is that when I wake up tomorrow, it will be March 22, and I hate March 22. There is pretty much no hope that anything good will happen tomorrow, even if I pretend there is. This is a picture of a pair of pants I bought in Boston today. I know that colorful jeans are controversial now since all the indie kids adopted them. So I asked a guy who worked at Urban Outfitters if he thought they were lame and he said that he liked them and that he was telling the truth because look at my shoes, they're bright blue. Except he and I both knew that colorful sneakers are and always will be more fashionable than colorful jeans. So we'll just see if I can pull these off. They were only ten dollars though. And a good rule of thumb to apply when clothes shopping is that if you're debating over an item of clothing, and then you find out that it's only ten dollars, you should buy it. Liz got freaky-lucky when she bought a multitude of items over ten dollars and repeatedly learned that most were, in fact, ten dollars. I think the game of "Only Buying Things From Urban Outfitters That Are Ten Dollars" is a good idea. 

Today was really fun. On the train home, these drunk guys flirted with us. I tried really hard to find them obnoxious but I couldn't; they were too funny. "Comical to my sense of humor," as Liz would say. The song of the day is "Step Into My Office, Baby" by Belle and Sebastian. Oh man, I bought Jenny Lewis' first solo album. One of those should be song of the day but I haven't listened to it. I really don't want to make my bed.

I also wish I could sleep through tomorrow, but I can't.

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