March 1

Guess what I just found out? Today is not Casimir Pulaski Day. And everyone thinks it is because he says "On the first of March, on the holiday" in the song. But it's actually the first Monday in March, which is tomorrow! And it's only celebrated in Illinois. So this could be a flaw in the system. I'm glad though because I didn't want to make it song of the day today because I wanted "Jeep Song" by the Dresden Dolls to be so instead. I don't listen to the Dresden Dolls and that song is on the third driving mix tape that Andrew once made me. It is the best out of the three and it reminds me of summer time. Today is the first of Hope Month and it seems more like winter today than it has for pretty much the whole of February. I am heavily banking on a Snow Day tomorrow. My dad says 99.9% chance and he hasn't been wrong yet! I don't know why I capitalized snow day. 

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