March 27

april is in four days wow i'm tired and i have nothing to say i can't keep my eyes open. green plastic watering can for a fake chinese rubber plant but that is not the song of the day there are too many to choose from i just saw a really weird youtube video felt like a bad dream that you can't figure out the plot to. it rained last night and this morning it was still wet and smelled like spring the inside of walgreens has tile floors and lights and driving on the highway i liked the way the bright lights on the construction sights on exit 27 looked. i looked for too long and went into the left lane and someone honked and i went back into mine. i have to save three trees at the end of my road and my car went over a toad in the dark but i think it didn't die if it did it would be the third animal i killed and i can't take that. april is in four days

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