March 14

I just spilled Fresca on my thumb. This is probably because I am drinking Fresca out of a little blue bowl. We have clean cups, I just like drinking out of bowls. I think I am maybe a cat or something. This is a bad picture. It looks like the ISO is all the way up but I don't know why it would be. Also that thing is supposed to be a pony but I just realized there are no physical similarities between it and a pony. It doesn't even have an ear. It's the piƱata from my birthday party! I just bought some ice cream at Honey Farms with Ann, and when I parked I had the urge to drive headlong into the side of the building. Just to see Ann's reaction. I have two projects to do tomorrow! Also I am going to the library. Today was nice. I'm going to go read a Barbara Kingsolver book. Potd will be more interesting tomorrow.

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