March 7

Tomorrow the clocks go forward and we lose and hour to thin air, poof. But I'm happy because that means more daylight which means more warm air which means Hope Month is in action. I am good today. It's Saturday and I went to school but I feel like it was a really long time ago. Then I went tubing with the Massachusetts Club and we acted like little kids (i.e. screaming, running clumsily, racing, saying "I call the first lane"). In this picture, I keep looking at the traffic light and thinking about how it looks like pairs of shoes hung up by string. Imagine if there were pairs of shoes instead of the traffic light one day. Last period in school today we watched a Bollywood movie in history and I think the reason the dancing scene was so funny was because of the pitch of the woman's voice. I feel like if I don't go to sleep soon, I am going to crash. Oh yeah, I can't even describe how funny hypnotized people are. I mean really hypnotized. It's really, really funny. I just watched Sideways. Can I say that Paul Giamati reminds me of Mr. Tarmey? The song of the day is "No Children" by the Mountain Goats. My male stripper has dirt on his legs.

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Liz said...

I really liked that entry! and i love the picture, too.