March 9

Long gone are the months where snowfall was beautiful and appreciated. The month of March is clearance for complaints, disgust, and disbelief about the omnipresence of winter. But it is rather annoying. Every year snow falls all the way through March and frequently April, but it still merits general shock and annoyance. So in response to yesterday's blog entry: Never mind. Winter is back with a vengeance. The song of the day is "Milk Thistle" by Conor Oberst. Liz was listening to her ipod on shuffle and the song "Salacious" came on from Rock the SATs. Salacious means "treating sexual matters in an indecent way and typically conveying undue interest or enjoyment in the subject." Hmm.

We're watching Amélie in French, sans sous-titres! Maybe someday I'll blog entirely in French. Oh wait, I can't speak or write in French. My family is watching 24 right now and it is really loud. And I think someone is either being tortured or murdered. Hey, I don't really like 24. For that reason. I don't have anything else interesting to say.


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I didn't watch 24, but I watched House.