April 28

In my typical procrastination, I didn't start packing for Toronto until eleven tonight. I am all packed now, or at least my suitcase is. I still need to find a way to compactly fit the load of junk food we bought today at Market Basket into my carry-on bag. I made a list of things I need to get but it's really crowded and confusing. It doesn't help packing having no idea whatsoever what weather to expect. I packed sundresses and also sweaters. Also, before I have to go to bed I have to write a little essay for a scholarship. I just found out about it today, but that is no excuse! Oh this picture is my dinner that I didn't eat. 

By the way, today was an absolutely great day! I am really stressed but equally happy. Unfortunately I don't believe I can blog in Toronto. That means five days with no picture of the day... how unsettling. I will take lots of pictures though. Except not of Niagra Falls. I need to buy a waterproof camera. And charge my camera batteries. And update my iPod. And find my birth certificate. And pack socks. And shoes. And sunglasses. And a raincoat. And another coat. And my flute. And get some money. And find my Mazel Tov hat. And find my lens cap.

Aw, Stella is outside and it's cold. Poor kitty. Till Sunday!


April 27

My sister decided to cover her wall with colored handprints. These are my hands. The heat in my house is stifling and it will only worsen tomorrow. I really wanted to skip school and go to the beach, but I am already missing Wednesday through Friday for Toronto so I can't. Today I went back to school and we started dissecting pigs in anatomy. Abby named our pig Geraldo even though Mr. Bernard advised us against "naming the specimens." Also then we found out that Geraldo is a girl, but we're keeping the name. The pigs are really cute, which is sad. I'm just glad Geraldo doesn't have fur. I had gym long block and we played tennis outside. I can only play tennis decently after about half an hour of "warming up." My two day week is incredibly busy. I wish it would stay this hot when we go on the trip. Today I watched some of Junebug. 


April 26

I took a picture just like this about five months ago, but instead of buds on the branch there were frozen drops of water. It was the day before the ice storm and I thought everything looked peaceful and pretty outside. Then the next day it was devastation. I worked on my critique all day today but now I am done and I can relax because that was the last huge undertaking I have to do for school this year. Wow, that's not even true. I have to take AP exams, and then probably some finals. But I'm going to Toronto in two days! I am so excited, but unfortunately it's going to be pretty cold, so I can't wear my new summer clothes. It was brutally hot today. My hands sweat a lot when I'm hot. I don't like typing with sweaty hands. The song of the day is "Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl" by BSS. I like Annie's cinnamon bunnies. I don't like bunnies though so I don't look at them when I eat them. My dad threw his back out today.


April 25

Today was a wonderful day. It was ninety degrees when the sun was out, and when evening came, the temperature cooled to a perfect seventy five. I walked down the rail trail and back with Liz because we needed to catch up after my trip. It takes us a very long time before we feel completely caught up. I love the rail trail; it is beautiful. Then I went to Loren Marshall's party and we sat around a bonfire and it felt really nice. Then Leah B. and Jenn performed their song they wrote for just a couple people. Leah B's voice is so beautiful! I had no idea she could sing like that. I think they should become a real band because they sound really good together. I really loved sitting in the dark and listening to their song and pulling pieces of wet grass out of the ground. Oh and their song was about the first night of summer and today really felt like that. Kelsey drove me home and all the windows and the sunroof were open. It's still a little hard to believe that we can do that and not be cold. I feel like I was just so recently cold and the season changed so fast. Today was probably my favorite day of vacation, and it was the only day I was home.

I saved the entirety of my Hamlet critique for tomorrow. It's going to be a long, tedious, boring day. I hope I can do well, for the sole reason of not disappointing Mr. Tarmey. I don't really care how well it ultimately turns out, but that man has mastered guilt trips. The song of the day is "Gold Soundz" by Pavement. It's a summer song. Both because it's about summer a little and because it reminds me of last summer. Oh and I have my Farmland job back. It's good because I had a dream my boss came to my house to fire me and tell me I was rude. In the same dream I recited an entire hayride, word for word. I've been having strangely detailed dreams lately. One was a horrifying nightmare about being pursued by Voldemort, which as Michela pointed out has probably been dreamt at some point by every child in this generation. Yesterday I accidentally left my burrito in Lanny's car. 

April 24

Not only did I not blog despite having the means to yesterday, there are two pictures of the day. I'm breaking every rule here. Oh yeah and I'm writing this on April 25. Yesterday was a long day of travel and I am so glad to be home. Massachusetts > Florida, by a long shot.

April 23


April 22

Oh man, do I have a headache right now. I think it's from a combination of being tired and wearing glasses. I just saw Adventureland. It had that indie romance thing going on that gives everyone a warm fuzzy feeling, not excluding me. We saw it in Five Points, an area of Jacksonville that doesn't suck at all. We spent most of the day there. My sister and I have been feeling crappy from too much restaurant food so my dad suggested we didn't eat lunch. This was a good idea but it turned into an apple pie smoothie, some chick-pea marsala, and one Newman-O. The apple pie smoothie was great. It was made from apples, cinammon, and "vanilla rice dream." It was the color of apple sauce. Actually it had the taste and consistincy of apple sauce too. Wait a minute...

My sister really wants cowboy boots, which surprises me a little. I finished I Love You Beth Cooper and already forgot the majority of it. On the plus side, now I'm reading Catch-22! About time. The song of the day is "Satellite of Love" by Lou Reed. I want to turn off this computer and go to sleep now, but due to the snail pace of dial-up, my picture is about 10% loaded. I can't wait to come home. I am tired and sick of eating out and ready to go home. One more day.


April 21

I keep forgetting to blog about this, but I left my cell phone in Massachusetts. It's currently sitting in the backseat of our car, parked in the Logan Airport parking lot where, unbeknowst to me, it slid out of my back pocket and blended in with its surroundings. So if you've been trying to contact me during the last week and I have been rudely ignorning you, take comfort in the fact that my lack of phone is causing me physical pain. Anyways, today we went to the beach and it was lovely. In truth, I am not a big fan of beaches; my favorite geographical scenes are located in landlocked areas. But Jacksonville Beach is one of the better ones, in my opinion. It's never crowded and the sand is soft. Usually I wade far off the beach and try to ride the waves (usually to no avail, resulting in being semi-drowned), but today was really calm and the only waves were slow bumps in the water, which was fine. I really love the feeling right after I get out of the water and then lay on the sand in the sun. It's hot but I'm all wet so it's the perfect combination. Then I dry off and the perfection goes away. Today two people asked if Emily and I were twins. We aren't. I'm reading a book called "I Love You Beth Cooper." I'm not going to defend its literary worth, because it doesn't really have any, but it's fun to read. They're making it into a movie.

I left my nightgown in Miami, so I have to wear my "My Boyfriend Is out of Town" shirt to sleep. It was my pajama shirt during the band trip to Disney two years ago. Speaking of which, I am so excited for Toronto! I have a mosquito bite right in the middle of my chest and I don't know how the mosquito got down in there. The song of the day is "Grounds for Divorce" by Wolf Parade.


April 20

Jacksonville: murder capital of the country. At least as of a year ago. Today we drove across most of the state of Florida. We stopped for lunch at an Italian place and our waiter's name was Alvin. He was from Texas. I guess this as soon as he talked because I loved Texan accents because of Tex, the man who saved my life last summer. The scene pictured above was going on while we were eating. The drive was long. I slept in various positions that all involved my head making an angle of at least ninety degrees to my back. Also I listen to music while I sleep and loud parts wake me up. Actually, I probably didn't sleep. The song of the day is "Title and Registration" by Death Cab for Cutie. This song reminds me of driving from Miami to Jacksonville because two years ago my dad bought Transatlanticism and we listened to it over and over again for the whole drive. And that was fine.

Liz and I just bought Jenny Lewis tickets! I am so excited to see her. My grandma says you should respect other people's opinions because "everyone rides their own train to Hell." I have to wake up at 7:10 tomorrow morning and force my body into awkward, unnatural positions that are both dangerous and embarrassing for me to attempt. Oh yeah, this is called yoga. I have no idea why I agreed to it.


April 18

Today I tried on some prom dresses and there were some nice ones but overall the activity just stressed me out so I quit. My sister and I got manicures with my grandmother and while we were waiting for our nails to dry we watched people walk by in the street and we played 1-2-3-he's-yours. Then we went to Deering Bay and I didn't feel like swimming so I just went in the hot tub. Oh man, I just realized how much I hate the phrase hot tub. When we were kids my grandfather would let us drive the golf cart through the course and it was fun and the course was beautiful. Now we can't do that anymore cause we're not little, and today it occurred to me that I will probably never be able to drive through a golf course again. They are really exclusive places, and since I will probably never be a golfer, I can't see how I'd ever be allowed in again. Today was our last day in Miami. Tomorrow we drive six or some other ridiculous amount of hours to Jacksonville. Interesting animal sightings from Deering Bay today include flocks of parrots, alligators, and a peacock that crossed the road as our car went through the gates. My hands are incredibly soft from that manicure. But still not as soft as Alana's.


I was thinking today; why is racing cars considered a sport? And why are race-car drivers celebrities? How can racing a car possibly require a level of skill that merits national fame and millions of dollars a year. NASCAR may just be what is wrong with the world. Anyways, this is Miami still. The song of the day is "Details of the War" by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, because the "tattered dress sunburned chest" part is me right now. Today we went mini-golfing and I learned that I am not as good at mini-golfing as I thought I was. Also I bought Catch-22 to read because I am almost done with David Sedaris. It is still really funny.


April 17

This is Eli. And you don't get an edited picture today because I am confused by this computer. The song of the day is "John Allyn Smith Sails" by Okkervil River. Right now, instead of being pasty-white, my skin is pasty-white but streaked with red sunburns in places. I just saw the Hannah Montana movie, and it proved to be one of the most alarming experiences of my life. This is because the audience of 9-12 year old girls were standing up and dancing in the aisles. Also I'm pretty sure they were convinced they were at a Hannah Montana live concert and felt the need to video tape the movie screen on their premature cell phones (wouldn't it be funny if they got in legal trouble for this?), clap after every musical number (which was often), and scream the words to songs. As my seven-year-old cousin eloquently stated, "It's already so loud, why are they making it louder?" I didn't have an answer for him on this one.

Tonight we tried to find parking in downtown Miami and I realized, probably not for the first time, that every car in sight looks like it costs more than the average American house. It was weird. My mom says, "Don't worry, Miami isn't real." I get what she's saying though. This isn't real Miami. This is Barbie-doll, boob-job, Botox, nightclub, Bently, expensive shrimp, designer jeans Miami. And it's a pretty scary place.

On the plus side, there are lizards everywhere.


April 16

I like this picture, even though its quality is moderately to severely disfigured by the plexiglass window that stood as a barrier between this view and my camera. Also, it perfectly embodies the Postal Service line, "I watch the patchwork farms' slow fade into the ocean's arms." Because the light blue is the ocean. The dark blue is the sky. You can't really make out the difference though, and that is beautiful. Some parts of plane travel are okay.

I love David Sedaris. He is so funny. Right now I am in Miami and this is the first time I've blogged from not-my-computer. My opinion of Florida is mostly negative, but this part is really nice. I just went outside to get my usb cable from the car and it is probably about 75 degrees and breezy; all the light from the street lanterns bounces off the wide elephant ear leaves and as a result, the otherwise dark street is illuminated in this weird leafy green glow. It is wonderful. I want to sleep outside on the bricks. When I was a kid I used to pretend this (my grandparents house) was my house. Once I wanted to prove how well I knew it so I walked around with my eyes closed and walked into a pillar that's in the foyer and my forehead swelled up in an egg. Then I was afraid to tell my mom why I ran into the pillar because it was embarrassing, and all my fault. Tomorrow I have to do this awful thing called put on a bathing suit and go out in public. I shudder at the thought.


April 15

This is my small pile of clothes I just packed for Florida. It's about 1/3 the quantity of clothing that my sister packed, but I will be dressed every day, just like she will. School today was relatively uneventful except for having a conversation with Mr. Tarmey about the best Velvet Underground (yes! I love him!) and for eating part of Loren Marshall's (or was it Kelsey's?) moon pie at lunch. What the hell is a moon pie anyways, and why is it called moon pie. I'm not washing my hair tomorrow, because we ran out of gel, so I'm going to have frizzy hair in the airport. Ugh, it doesn't get much worse than that. I hate airports. I don't understand how people enjoy air-travel. It smells bad and it's uncomfortable and airplane chairs are covered with just about the most unfortunate fabric on the planet.

The song of the day today is "Kiss Off" by the Violent Femmes. In orchestra Tim wasn't here and our substitute conductor's name was Mr. Metcalf and he was nice but he was missing a couple of his teeth. I tried not to hold this against him though. This is my favorite time of year, right now. It's during this time that the best stuff happens to me. But now I'm just setting up all these high expectations for myself. I wonder if I'll tan in Florida: probably not. If anything, I'll unintentionally fall asleep on the beach and my skin will roast will beyond repair. And if I'm lucky, the most-charred skin cells will all fall off by the time I get back, leaving a layer of skin that was previously bright red but then faded into a pinkish-brown that can, with great concentration, be mistaken for a tan. I can't wait to get a new iPod, at all. I just realized I'm going to be working soon. It's weird how unfamiliar I've become with the concept of doing work and earning money. I still haven't packed everything, and it's one a.m. and I have to wake up in six hours. Okay that's not that bad. But in less time if I need to pack more, which I will. Alright well this is the end. If you couldn't tell, I'm procrastinating ending this entry, because I'm not completely sure when I'll be back again. Most likely tomorrow, but I can't guarantee it, because I will be away from this guy here (I just pointed at my computer). 

I'm on vacation!


April 14

Today my mom took her comprehensive final and now has a doctorate in audiology. And we had a party that was surprisingly well attended, and my mom bought this cake. I'm pretty sure the hilarity of my mom buying a cake that said "Hooray Clare" was pretty underrated tonight. Anyways, we now have a ton of food and we are leaving in two days for a week and a half. Today was really warm: almost seventy degrees. My sister and I drove to Target and bought more clothes for spring and the song of the day is "Titus Andronicus" by um... Titus Andronicus. Oh man I love Target. That's another underrated thing of the day. Today my classes were overall pretty boring. To the point that I can't think of anything else to put in this blog entry. 


April 13

Pictures of the day are lacking lately. Hopefully this will change when I am in Florida, although I probably will miss a couple days due to traveling. I was excited to blog all day today but I don't really remember why now. Alana gilded my checkbook, meaning she covered it with thin gold foil. I now have the coolest checkbook. Also I just ate mango sorbet and I can't even remember eating anything else in my life that was that delicious. I'm listening to The Airing of Grievances by Titus Andronicus. They're a band from New Jersey and that is their debut album. It is really really good and I recommend it to anyone who is reading this blog! I am making a list of concerts to go to this spring. Abby's not going to Toronto so I get to be first flute for two weeks, and in band today Oleg called me Mom, which made me confused and giddy. It's still pretty cold but I'm spoiled because I would have thought this was balmy back in February. I noticed that my hair is getting kind of long. I don't know when/ if I want to cut it again. My sister just cut hers. The saddest part about going to college is going to be leaving my family, particularly my sister. Sucks more for her though. Ugh I don't know where I am going. I thought I knew until today, and now it seems a little fuzzier. I bet I'm tantalizing you with my lack of details, or not. Tomorrow my mom takes her cumulative final and then she'll be done with internet-college and get her doctorate degree. We (not me though) 're having a party after she finishes her final. I know this because somebody bought three 2 liter bottles of Fresca, and they're on the kitchen counter.


April 12 - Easter

This is a picture of robot magnets that have been on top of my refrigerator for a sum of years. I have a lot of work to do before Wednesday, before I go to Florida. I am not mentally ready for the time of year where I am expected to have tan skin. Today is a sad day. The song of the day is "Penn Station" by the Felice Brothers. I started reading Naked by David Sedaris. It's funny and it's going to be my vacation book. I don't think I can make it last for a week though, so I have to find something else. That's all.


April 11

I am feeling surprisingly at peace for having been at malls the whole day. Jenny Lewis is coming to Boston! I'm so excited. I think I've finally outgrown the urge to binge-shop. This picture is of the first flower that grew in my yard this year. It is a survivor because it had to push through a couple of inches of thick dead leaves. It's a daffodil. It's been rainy for probably about ten of the eleven days of April so far. Tomorrow is Easter but I don't celebrate Easter so I will probably work on school projects. Also I hope to practice my flute for a really long time. I'm working on three pieces right now, which is a record number of pieces to be working on at one time. One is called "Syrinx" which is my favorite. It is really beautiful and haunting. It is about a nymph named Syrinx, who turned into reeds when she tried to escape from Pan. But then Pan picked her and made her into a pan-pipe. Oh I changed the layout of my blog for the first time. I don't really like it, but I don't really like any of the blog layouts. I like how it's different though. Tonight I was driving around in Northborough with Lanny and Michela and we passed this huge white mansion with pretty strings of lights. There was a long driveway leading up to it and the driveway was lined with white grecian statues. It was pretty surreal and it made us all happy so we drove back to see it again, and then again. I want to live there. It is called White Cliffs. If I ever end up living in a mansion I'm going to give it a name. Actually I'm going to name any house I live in. I'm going to Florida in four days.


April 10

I wish I could listen to music while in the shower. Showers just seem like such a long time to be standing and doing nothing and not listening to music. Last summer I dragged my iHome into the bathroom for a couple days and put my iPod on while I showered. But then my dad said I couldn't do that anymore cause someone was gonna get electrocuted. Tomorrow I'm going to the Providence Place Mall to shop for spring clothes for going to Florida/ Toronto. It's reminding me of when I went in sophomore year with Liz and we were so excited to go to Disney and pretty much counted the days the whole year. We shared a book to write notes to each other and almost every note says something about Disney. This year we aren't as excited for Toronto cause we've grown up a little, but it's still going to be fun. Also I went to the Greendale Mall today with Lauren and Michela. I impulsively bought sunglasses because I never buy anything impulsively (or not impulsively, for that matter), and I wanted to know what it felt like. Michela tried on a dress and she thought it looked awful but Lauren and I both thought it was the best-looking piece of clothing Michela has ever put on her body. I don't understand how our opinions could be so different. And Michela didn't get the dress because "Isn't my opinion the one that matters the most??" Except I disagree with this. I think that in terms of clothes, everyone else's opinions are what matters the most to (most) people. Just let me defend myself. Everyone says they don't care about what everyone else thinks, but if they really thought that, they would buy the most comfortable clothes of nondescript colors and patterns, and at the cheapest price possible. Dwelling on clothing is just trying to impress other people. Nothing wrong with that, I think most people, at least in high school, do that. But everyone denies it. So Michela should have gotten the dress. Because it wasn't uncomfortable or anything, and it was on sale, and turns out her opinion of the way it looked didn't matter at all.

I'm going to sleep over Dayna's house now, and we're watching a zombie movie. I'm excited to try out all these horror movies because it's possible that I am a huge horror fan. We'll see. Today in history Mr. Welsch sang "Waltzing Matilda" which was the second time I've seen him sing it in high school. The time in freshman year was better though, because he stood up and pretended to have a little Australian accent. Plus this year he kind of forgot the words. But it was still good. I did a lot of listening today. The song of the day is "Swimmers" by Broken Social Scene. I've been listening to them a lot recently. 


April 9

I forgot to make a big deal out of the fact that I blogged for 100 days in a row. I would like to just state right now that when I started this blog, I didn't expect it to last longer than a week. But then it became something that I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. It's like doing sit-ups for me. I hate sit-ups, and I'm really bad at them, but sometimes when I do sit-ups it's like a feeling of extreme pain and knowing that I have to stop immediately but then out of curiosity, I keep going just to see if I can squeeze another one out. And then it turns out to last way longer than I expected it to. I have a wicked headache right now and I am tired. I want to go to sleep even though I'm not done with Hamlet yet. Every character dies, by the way. I feel bad for Hamlet. He really did love Ophelia, he just couldn't express it well. Today it was nice outside and the sky looked cool. I am excited it's warm because yesterday it was thirty degrees in the morning and I remembered often feeling in April like every other symptom of spring, like plants and daylight, are in full bloom before it's actually warm. Sorry if I talk about seasons too much here. There is no song of the day but "Night Ripper" by Girl Talk is the album of the day. 

Everything has been going really slow for the past couple of months, and that is about to change. Next week I am going to Florida, then Toronto, then getting back just in time for AP tests, and then the whole month of May is full of exciting events and huge projects and college-thinking and working again (finally) and trying to find a way to end high school on a way that has no negative strings still attached. I feel like my life is about to be fast forwarded, and I don't have enough time to prepare for that.


April 8 - Passover

This year's was possibly the weirdest Passover I've ever had. I couldn't decide between this picture for picture of the day or one of Liz, Chad, and I rolling around on the ground. Or something that actually relates to the holiday, like a Seder plate. Jeff Greene gets to be picture of the day because he yelled "PASSOVER!" when I smashed a wine glass with my camera. Today was also my mom's birthday! She wants everyone to know that she is not 50. What a surreal day. First I drove around with Emily and Steve, and then with Emily and Chad. Also Mr. Welsch took off his shoe and slammed it really hard on the desk and then tried to make me feel some paper towel and say if I wanted to use it as toilet paper. In French we had to write about something we wanted to change in the past, and I wrote about how I wished all my fish didn't die when I was in second grade. There were seven of them, and they all lived for a really long time (for fish), and then they all died within two days of each other. It was like an apocalypse of my fish tank, and it was devastating. I still don't know what killed them. I think someone poisoned the water.


April 7

I was just about to go to bed without blogging. Seriously, I almost ruined everything. I am in a state of melancholy though and too sad to muse. So here, have this picture of a fire hydrant.


April 6

Today was a day for macaroons and rain, and that is fine with me. I don't remember the last time it was really pouring. It's been drizzly for a while but today, sheets of water poured nonstop from the sky for hours. I took this photo on my deck under an umbrella. My camera lens got wet anyways, and I wiped it off with a piece of really soft fleece that I use to polish my flute. I really wonder how filmmakers film rain-scenes. Today in English Mr. Tarmey confirmed Liz's and my opinions that "The Purple Bottle" by Animal Collective is extremely phallic by talking about how the "purple fingers," which are actually flowers, that contribute to Ophelia's drowning, are representative of male dominance (because purple fingers are phallic). Tonight I had pit orchestra rehearsal and I don't really like the music except for one song called "One Last Kiss" Ms. D. sings the song while everyone plays it and it's SOUL POWER. I don't even play during the whole thing. So I dance in a bouncing-up-and-down-in-my-chair kind of way. Also I drove Parker to rehearsal and in return, he gave me four Oreos and two clementines. I haven't eaten clementines in a really long time, and they made me feel good.


April 5

Today was an unimportant day. All I did was work on an English project with Ann and Liz and we tried really hard. We have to do a dramatic reading of Shakespeare's 95th sonnet and we are using props. Above is one of them. The song of the day is "The Bees" by Animal Collective.


April 4

This is the only picture I took today and it was an accident. I like how you can tell I was only going ten miles per hour. Today I drove on the highway pretty much all day. It was really windy, and I didn't know this, but wind can move cars! Scary. Also Stella is kind of sick. And I had my first Peep of the season. It was disgusting in a completely satisfying way.

The song of the day is "This Modern Love" by Bloc Party. It reminds me of freshman year, like all my favorite music does. Also, zombie movies = the best. 


April 3

This is Hell, I mean the pellet stove. Today I went to a silly Umass accepted students day. I hated everything about it for a while, especially when both welcome speakers devoted at least thirty seconds to talking about which sports teams people were fans of, and then saying "fine institution" more than three times per minute. Do they really believe that? Also, what the hell does "community" mean. And how many times can you cram the phrase "declare your intellectual independence" into a five minute promotional video and still have it retain some of its integrity. Overall, I'm sick of being recruited. There were some good parts of my day though. Basically any point where I wasn't listening to meaningless, cliche phrases that any college can hone, I was getting a relatively decent impression. There was one moment where I felt very strongly that I wanted to go to Umass. But then it disappeared. Hopefully it will come back at some point because I have a feeling I'll be needing it.

I just watched Thumbsucker and it was good. 


April 2

These are trees at Wachusett and the challenge course. This morning Stella was playing with a little dog collar that I got from Lanny at Ludachristmas. My mom put it on her neck and said "Let's see if it's still on her neck when I get home for lunch." It stayed there all day and it jingled when she walked. I can't really think of anything noteworthy that happened today. We played table tennis in gym. By the way, what is the difference between ping-pong and table tennis? I see none. It's annoying to me that all the seasonal cliche's are coming true this year. For example, it showered the only two days of April so far, and March really did come in like a lion and out like a lamb. I think 88.9 was having a special reggae day today because every time I turned the radio to that station it was a reggae song. No complaints.


April 1

Well this is possibly the worst April Fools' Day I've ever had. Nobody really pranked me all day, except for two pranks that came after ten p.m. and via Facebook, and one of them didn't really count (you know who you are, Jeff Greene). I should mention though, that Oleg brought a kazoo, a tiny stuffed bear, and a printed picture of an alpaca into band today. And this somehow related to April Fool's Day.

On the plus side, it is April! So now we can all calm down because the worst is over until next fall. Also I've been meaning to blog about this for a couple of days: I am so incredibly excited for Where the Wild Things Are the movie. Seriously, I don't even remember the last time I was this excited for a movie, let alone a kid's movie. Dave Eggers wrote it! And Karen O scored it! And "Wake Up" by the Arcade Fire is in its trailer! I'm so excited. The song of the day is "Fire Eye'd Boy" by Broken Social Scene.

Mr. Tarmey's constant sexual references are getting ridiculous. In a good way.