April 8 - Passover

This year's was possibly the weirdest Passover I've ever had. I couldn't decide between this picture for picture of the day or one of Liz, Chad, and I rolling around on the ground. Or something that actually relates to the holiday, like a Seder plate. Jeff Greene gets to be picture of the day because he yelled "PASSOVER!" when I smashed a wine glass with my camera. Today was also my mom's birthday! She wants everyone to know that she is not 50. What a surreal day. First I drove around with Emily and Steve, and then with Emily and Chad. Also Mr. Welsch took off his shoe and slammed it really hard on the desk and then tried to make me feel some paper towel and say if I wanted to use it as toilet paper. In French we had to write about something we wanted to change in the past, and I wrote about how I wished all my fish didn't die when I was in second grade. There were seven of them, and they all lived for a really long time (for fish), and then they all died within two days of each other. It was like an apocalypse of my fish tank, and it was devastating. I still don't know what killed them. I think someone poisoned the water.

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Steve said...

I can't believe you can actually remember that the glass-smashing happened.