April 25

Today was a wonderful day. It was ninety degrees when the sun was out, and when evening came, the temperature cooled to a perfect seventy five. I walked down the rail trail and back with Liz because we needed to catch up after my trip. It takes us a very long time before we feel completely caught up. I love the rail trail; it is beautiful. Then I went to Loren Marshall's party and we sat around a bonfire and it felt really nice. Then Leah B. and Jenn performed their song they wrote for just a couple people. Leah B's voice is so beautiful! I had no idea she could sing like that. I think they should become a real band because they sound really good together. I really loved sitting in the dark and listening to their song and pulling pieces of wet grass out of the ground. Oh and their song was about the first night of summer and today really felt like that. Kelsey drove me home and all the windows and the sunroof were open. It's still a little hard to believe that we can do that and not be cold. I feel like I was just so recently cold and the season changed so fast. Today was probably my favorite day of vacation, and it was the only day I was home.

I saved the entirety of my Hamlet critique for tomorrow. It's going to be a long, tedious, boring day. I hope I can do well, for the sole reason of not disappointing Mr. Tarmey. I don't really care how well it ultimately turns out, but that man has mastered guilt trips. The song of the day is "Gold Soundz" by Pavement. It's a summer song. Both because it's about summer a little and because it reminds me of last summer. Oh and I have my Farmland job back. It's good because I had a dream my boss came to my house to fire me and tell me I was rude. In the same dream I recited an entire hayride, word for word. I've been having strangely detailed dreams lately. One was a horrifying nightmare about being pursued by Voldemort, which as Michela pointed out has probably been dreamt at some point by every child in this generation. Yesterday I accidentally left my burrito in Lanny's car. 

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