April 28

In my typical procrastination, I didn't start packing for Toronto until eleven tonight. I am all packed now, or at least my suitcase is. I still need to find a way to compactly fit the load of junk food we bought today at Market Basket into my carry-on bag. I made a list of things I need to get but it's really crowded and confusing. It doesn't help packing having no idea whatsoever what weather to expect. I packed sundresses and also sweaters. Also, before I have to go to bed I have to write a little essay for a scholarship. I just found out about it today, but that is no excuse! Oh this picture is my dinner that I didn't eat. 

By the way, today was an absolutely great day! I am really stressed but equally happy. Unfortunately I don't believe I can blog in Toronto. That means five days with no picture of the day... how unsettling. I will take lots of pictures though. Except not of Niagra Falls. I need to buy a waterproof camera. And charge my camera batteries. And update my iPod. And find my birth certificate. And pack socks. And shoes. And sunglasses. And a raincoat. And another coat. And my flute. And get some money. And find my Mazel Tov hat. And find my lens cap.

Aw, Stella is outside and it's cold. Poor kitty. Till Sunday!

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