April 18

Today I tried on some prom dresses and there were some nice ones but overall the activity just stressed me out so I quit. My sister and I got manicures with my grandmother and while we were waiting for our nails to dry we watched people walk by in the street and we played 1-2-3-he's-yours. Then we went to Deering Bay and I didn't feel like swimming so I just went in the hot tub. Oh man, I just realized how much I hate the phrase hot tub. When we were kids my grandfather would let us drive the golf cart through the course and it was fun and the course was beautiful. Now we can't do that anymore cause we're not little, and today it occurred to me that I will probably never be able to drive through a golf course again. They are really exclusive places, and since I will probably never be a golfer, I can't see how I'd ever be allowed in again. Today was our last day in Miami. Tomorrow we drive six or some other ridiculous amount of hours to Jacksonville. Interesting animal sightings from Deering Bay today include flocks of parrots, alligators, and a peacock that crossed the road as our car went through the gates. My hands are incredibly soft from that manicure. But still not as soft as Alana's.

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