April 15

This is my small pile of clothes I just packed for Florida. It's about 1/3 the quantity of clothing that my sister packed, but I will be dressed every day, just like she will. School today was relatively uneventful except for having a conversation with Mr. Tarmey about the best Velvet Underground (yes! I love him!) and for eating part of Loren Marshall's (or was it Kelsey's?) moon pie at lunch. What the hell is a moon pie anyways, and why is it called moon pie. I'm not washing my hair tomorrow, because we ran out of gel, so I'm going to have frizzy hair in the airport. Ugh, it doesn't get much worse than that. I hate airports. I don't understand how people enjoy air-travel. It smells bad and it's uncomfortable and airplane chairs are covered with just about the most unfortunate fabric on the planet.

The song of the day today is "Kiss Off" by the Violent Femmes. In orchestra Tim wasn't here and our substitute conductor's name was Mr. Metcalf and he was nice but he was missing a couple of his teeth. I tried not to hold this against him though. This is my favorite time of year, right now. It's during this time that the best stuff happens to me. But now I'm just setting up all these high expectations for myself. I wonder if I'll tan in Florida: probably not. If anything, I'll unintentionally fall asleep on the beach and my skin will roast will beyond repair. And if I'm lucky, the most-charred skin cells will all fall off by the time I get back, leaving a layer of skin that was previously bright red but then faded into a pinkish-brown that can, with great concentration, be mistaken for a tan. I can't wait to get a new iPod, at all. I just realized I'm going to be working soon. It's weird how unfamiliar I've become with the concept of doing work and earning money. I still haven't packed everything, and it's one a.m. and I have to wake up in six hours. Okay that's not that bad. But in less time if I need to pack more, which I will. Alright well this is the end. If you couldn't tell, I'm procrastinating ending this entry, because I'm not completely sure when I'll be back again. Most likely tomorrow, but I can't guarantee it, because I will be away from this guy here (I just pointed at my computer). 

I'm on vacation!

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