April 21

I keep forgetting to blog about this, but I left my cell phone in Massachusetts. It's currently sitting in the backseat of our car, parked in the Logan Airport parking lot where, unbeknowst to me, it slid out of my back pocket and blended in with its surroundings. So if you've been trying to contact me during the last week and I have been rudely ignorning you, take comfort in the fact that my lack of phone is causing me physical pain. Anyways, today we went to the beach and it was lovely. In truth, I am not a big fan of beaches; my favorite geographical scenes are located in landlocked areas. But Jacksonville Beach is one of the better ones, in my opinion. It's never crowded and the sand is soft. Usually I wade far off the beach and try to ride the waves (usually to no avail, resulting in being semi-drowned), but today was really calm and the only waves were slow bumps in the water, which was fine. I really love the feeling right after I get out of the water and then lay on the sand in the sun. It's hot but I'm all wet so it's the perfect combination. Then I dry off and the perfection goes away. Today two people asked if Emily and I were twins. We aren't. I'm reading a book called "I Love You Beth Cooper." I'm not going to defend its literary worth, because it doesn't really have any, but it's fun to read. They're making it into a movie.

I left my nightgown in Miami, so I have to wear my "My Boyfriend Is out of Town" shirt to sleep. It was my pajama shirt during the band trip to Disney two years ago. Speaking of which, I am so excited for Toronto! I have a mosquito bite right in the middle of my chest and I don't know how the mosquito got down in there. The song of the day is "Grounds for Divorce" by Wolf Parade.

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