April 26

I took a picture just like this about five months ago, but instead of buds on the branch there were frozen drops of water. It was the day before the ice storm and I thought everything looked peaceful and pretty outside. Then the next day it was devastation. I worked on my critique all day today but now I am done and I can relax because that was the last huge undertaking I have to do for school this year. Wow, that's not even true. I have to take AP exams, and then probably some finals. But I'm going to Toronto in two days! I am so excited, but unfortunately it's going to be pretty cold, so I can't wear my new summer clothes. It was brutally hot today. My hands sweat a lot when I'm hot. I don't like typing with sweaty hands. The song of the day is "Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl" by BSS. I like Annie's cinnamon bunnies. I don't like bunnies though so I don't look at them when I eat them. My dad threw his back out today.

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