April 10

I wish I could listen to music while in the shower. Showers just seem like such a long time to be standing and doing nothing and not listening to music. Last summer I dragged my iHome into the bathroom for a couple days and put my iPod on while I showered. But then my dad said I couldn't do that anymore cause someone was gonna get electrocuted. Tomorrow I'm going to the Providence Place Mall to shop for spring clothes for going to Florida/ Toronto. It's reminding me of when I went in sophomore year with Liz and we were so excited to go to Disney and pretty much counted the days the whole year. We shared a book to write notes to each other and almost every note says something about Disney. This year we aren't as excited for Toronto cause we've grown up a little, but it's still going to be fun. Also I went to the Greendale Mall today with Lauren and Michela. I impulsively bought sunglasses because I never buy anything impulsively (or not impulsively, for that matter), and I wanted to know what it felt like. Michela tried on a dress and she thought it looked awful but Lauren and I both thought it was the best-looking piece of clothing Michela has ever put on her body. I don't understand how our opinions could be so different. And Michela didn't get the dress because "Isn't my opinion the one that matters the most??" Except I disagree with this. I think that in terms of clothes, everyone else's opinions are what matters the most to (most) people. Just let me defend myself. Everyone says they don't care about what everyone else thinks, but if they really thought that, they would buy the most comfortable clothes of nondescript colors and patterns, and at the cheapest price possible. Dwelling on clothing is just trying to impress other people. Nothing wrong with that, I think most people, at least in high school, do that. But everyone denies it. So Michela should have gotten the dress. Because it wasn't uncomfortable or anything, and it was on sale, and turns out her opinion of the way it looked didn't matter at all.

I'm going to sleep over Dayna's house now, and we're watching a zombie movie. I'm excited to try out all these horror movies because it's possible that I am a huge horror fan. We'll see. Today in history Mr. Welsch sang "Waltzing Matilda" which was the second time I've seen him sing it in high school. The time in freshman year was better though, because he stood up and pretended to have a little Australian accent. Plus this year he kind of forgot the words. But it was still good. I did a lot of listening today. The song of the day is "Swimmers" by Broken Social Scene. I've been listening to them a lot recently. 

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