April 27

My sister decided to cover her wall with colored handprints. These are my hands. The heat in my house is stifling and it will only worsen tomorrow. I really wanted to skip school and go to the beach, but I am already missing Wednesday through Friday for Toronto so I can't. Today I went back to school and we started dissecting pigs in anatomy. Abby named our pig Geraldo even though Mr. Bernard advised us against "naming the specimens." Also then we found out that Geraldo is a girl, but we're keeping the name. The pigs are really cute, which is sad. I'm just glad Geraldo doesn't have fur. I had gym long block and we played tennis outside. I can only play tennis decently after about half an hour of "warming up." My two day week is incredibly busy. I wish it would stay this hot when we go on the trip. Today I watched some of Junebug. 

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