April 6

Today was a day for macaroons and rain, and that is fine with me. I don't remember the last time it was really pouring. It's been drizzly for a while but today, sheets of water poured nonstop from the sky for hours. I took this photo on my deck under an umbrella. My camera lens got wet anyways, and I wiped it off with a piece of really soft fleece that I use to polish my flute. I really wonder how filmmakers film rain-scenes. Today in English Mr. Tarmey confirmed Liz's and my opinions that "The Purple Bottle" by Animal Collective is extremely phallic by talking about how the "purple fingers," which are actually flowers, that contribute to Ophelia's drowning, are representative of male dominance (because purple fingers are phallic). Tonight I had pit orchestra rehearsal and I don't really like the music except for one song called "One Last Kiss" Ms. D. sings the song while everyone plays it and it's SOUL POWER. I don't even play during the whole thing. So I dance in a bouncing-up-and-down-in-my-chair kind of way. Also I drove Parker to rehearsal and in return, he gave me four Oreos and two clementines. I haven't eaten clementines in a really long time, and they made me feel good.

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