April 13

Pictures of the day are lacking lately. Hopefully this will change when I am in Florida, although I probably will miss a couple days due to traveling. I was excited to blog all day today but I don't really remember why now. Alana gilded my checkbook, meaning she covered it with thin gold foil. I now have the coolest checkbook. Also I just ate mango sorbet and I can't even remember eating anything else in my life that was that delicious. I'm listening to The Airing of Grievances by Titus Andronicus. They're a band from New Jersey and that is their debut album. It is really really good and I recommend it to anyone who is reading this blog! I am making a list of concerts to go to this spring. Abby's not going to Toronto so I get to be first flute for two weeks, and in band today Oleg called me Mom, which made me confused and giddy. It's still pretty cold but I'm spoiled because I would have thought this was balmy back in February. I noticed that my hair is getting kind of long. I don't know when/ if I want to cut it again. My sister just cut hers. The saddest part about going to college is going to be leaving my family, particularly my sister. Sucks more for her though. Ugh I don't know where I am going. I thought I knew until today, and now it seems a little fuzzier. I bet I'm tantalizing you with my lack of details, or not. Tomorrow my mom takes her cumulative final and then she'll be done with internet-college and get her doctorate degree. We (not me though) 're having a party after she finishes her final. I know this because somebody bought three 2 liter bottles of Fresca, and they're on the kitchen counter.

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