April 22

Oh man, do I have a headache right now. I think it's from a combination of being tired and wearing glasses. I just saw Adventureland. It had that indie romance thing going on that gives everyone a warm fuzzy feeling, not excluding me. We saw it in Five Points, an area of Jacksonville that doesn't suck at all. We spent most of the day there. My sister and I have been feeling crappy from too much restaurant food so my dad suggested we didn't eat lunch. This was a good idea but it turned into an apple pie smoothie, some chick-pea marsala, and one Newman-O. The apple pie smoothie was great. It was made from apples, cinammon, and "vanilla rice dream." It was the color of apple sauce. Actually it had the taste and consistincy of apple sauce too. Wait a minute...

My sister really wants cowboy boots, which surprises me a little. I finished I Love You Beth Cooper and already forgot the majority of it. On the plus side, now I'm reading Catch-22! About time. The song of the day is "Satellite of Love" by Lou Reed. I want to turn off this computer and go to sleep now, but due to the snail pace of dial-up, my picture is about 10% loaded. I can't wait to come home. I am tired and sick of eating out and ready to go home. One more day.

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