May 4

I decided not to put up pictures for the days I missed just because they are already on facebook and I'd feel redundant. It's nice to be back to blogging! Hopefully I won't need to take another break for a while. I was expecting Toronto to be fun, but it ended up ranking up there with the happiest times of my life, along with the rafting trip. I want to go back right now! Today was weird because I kept forgetting that I wasn't having a ton of fun still. I miss having action packed days with planned fun. Anyways I can't describe the trip cause it would take too long. And nobody who didn't go really wants to know about it anyways, in all truth. Because some people, one in particular, I shall not name names, Steve, are very bitterly jealous. Oh well. It was just a really really fun five days.

Today I had my French AP Exam and it fooled me into thinking I did well by feeling short and not being tedious. In reality I probably did pretty bad. In the next couple weeks until school ends, I am ridiculously busy. Busier than I have been this whole year. This whole week I have pit rehearsal every day after school, and a flute lesson, and Jomp orchestra, and Mr. Miller's orchestra. And I'm working for the first time this saturday, and then going to junior prom, so I hope I don't smell like farmland....

The song of the day is "Rebellion (Lies)" by the Arcade Fire.

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Steve said...

Oh HA HA. I like that picture.