May 31

My sleeping cousin is in the basement, and so is the cord that connects my camera to my computer. So the picture won't go up until tomorrow, in the morning, and chances are by the time you read this it's already up. Today we went to the Heifer Project briefly and it started raining so we left. Then I went to see Parker become an Eagle Scout. I didn't know until now how Fascist the Boy Scouts are. But it was still nice and it made me feel really proud of Parker. He's a good one. The song of the day is "The Penalty" by Beirut which I feel bad about since I know it was song of the day very recently, and I always repeat songs. But this one has a beautiful melody that is also kind of haunting. I went to Cafe Dolce with Andrew so we could have good talk about our lives. Every time I go to Cafe Dolce the same Wachusett-grad waiter is there. I wonder if he remembers me but he must because I've been a lot in the past two years. I can tell if I knew him on a personal level I wouldn't like him. When I was walking from the parking lot, I looked through the window of a new restaurant at about the same time I smelled barbecue. The restaurant had clearly just been opened because there were no decorations of any sort, with the exception of three sloppily arranged saddles that rested on a divider. There was one family eating. I think there were four members in the family but the only portion I remember is a little girl, maybe four years old, with short, even bangs, holding food to her mouth. We made eye contact as I walked by.

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