May 9

Today I woke up and went to rehearsal for five hours and it was boring and I probably played for about 25% of the duration (75% of the time I sat still and tried not to fall asleep). But then I got to go to junior prom and it was so much fun! I love dancing so much, especially when I am surrounded by hundreds of sweaty teenagers whose inane grinding nearly begs to be mocked. But really, I love dancing. Liz let me borrow her dress from last year and it is "New York." I don't really feel like blogging anymore, but the point of this blog is that junior prom was fun. And the song of the day is any top 40 hip-hop song: take your pick, they're all the same to me.

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J. Frixj said...

Why'd you go to JUNIOR prom? I don't get it