May 8

I like this picture because nothing about it is sunny. It was actually pretty sunny today though, and this perceived cloudiness is the result of an incorrect white balance. I don't even remember what I did today. Oh yeah I watched the boys tennis team warm up. And I bought a prom dress. We went to a store that really only sells "big deal" prom dresses, if you know what I mean. We found a black one with huge polka dots that  was about six feet in diameter at the bottom. The girl in the changing room next to me tried on about twenty dresses during the time I was there. When asked what she thought about every single one, her response was always "It's different." She said it in a negative tone. Apparently she wanted a dress that was the same. I tried on two dresses and bought the second one. The first was absurd, but the women who worked in the store forced me to come out of the safety of my dressing room and put on a pair of dirty high heels. Then they ooed and ahhed about how good it looked, and when I asked one of them if she's ever not liked a dress, she responded, "It looks so good on you!" When I came out after trying on the second dress, the mother of the girl in the adjacent room was trying to persuade her daughter to try on the six-feet-wide polka dotted dress. But she didn't want to, and you know why? Because it was too different.

I just painted my nails a shade of blue that is all too bright and tomorrow I have rehearsal for five hours. The song of the day is "Please Don't Go" by the Violent Femmes. Whenever I straighten my hair, my thumb goes numb.


jennifer said...

my prom dress shopping experience was similar to that. if i tried on a dress and told her i didn't like it so i am gonna not come out she ripped open the curtain and made me stand on the alter. very humiliating. also i was in there trying on a dress but it wasnt on yet i was completely naked and she goes are you all set and i said no i dont have it on yet she rips open the curtain and said "WELL YOUR NOT GONNNA BE ABLE TO DO THAT YOUR SELF" so my whole boobs were exposed to the store

J. Frixj said...

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