May 10

For some reason it took close to half an hour for iphoto to load my picture, and I'm tired and want to go to sleep, and thus resentful of my blog. It's not even a good picture. Today was my first day back at Farmland and it was good because my boss loves me now. I feel like I should come up with some funny anecdote but I guess I don't have to if I don't have an obvious one; there will be plenty of time to write Farmland anecdotes on this blog seeing as it is pretty much my life this summer. Wow, I'm writing kind of badly. I really want to write a graduation speech but I can't think of anything I want to say. The reason I want to is mostly to indirectly thank Mrs. Paquette. This is my last full week of high school. My sister has a fever. The song of the day is "Classic Cars" by Bright Eyes. I think I am going to Newport Folk Festival. I don't want to go back to rehearsal, at all!!!!! Today Liz and I went to Pinecroft after I had work so we could catch up about what we did the day before. Actually just the night before. I don't know what we're gonna do when we're in college because we need to have at least an hour to catch up for every time we do separate activities. Oo let's not talk about that. Sam Doolittle has the most enormous cat I've ever seen.

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