May 21

It is one minute before midnight and I am in Philadelphia. Tomorrow my mom gets her doctorate from internet college, which turned out to be an actual college, who knew? Today was divided into two sections. The first was the senior breakfast and hanging around. I hate to complain, but the senior breakfast was rather disappointing, mostly because of its uncanny resemblance to a normal study. Then Abby and I took our last pig test and I had to label Geralda's private parts. After we were done I went to the cafeteria and talked to Will, but then Ms. Davey told me I had to leave. I guess this is my cue that I no longer belong in high school. It feels weird that for four years I had no choice but to attend every minute of high school, and when I didn't, I would be threatened with "disciplinary action." The transition from that to being expelled completely happened literally overnight. I am so tired but it doesn't really matter. The song of the day is "Milk Thistle" by Conor Oberst. 

Today before we embarked on our six hour drive, my neighbor and her daughter Celia came to our house. Celia is five and she wanted to deliver the "newspaper" she typed. This was the content:

Today all the branches get picked up!

Flowers are blooming!

It's getting hot SUNNY DAY!

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