May 13

Five days left of high school. Start cheering. I'm not cheering, but that is because I am sick and today was the worst. It was the worst because I had a bad hair day, and then I decided to wear red gym shorts with a yellow plaid shirt and purple sneakers. Every so often I have outfit malfunctions like this. At lunch I felt really jumpy and I couldn't sit down. Then I had rehearsal after school and then go right to orchestra and I didn't get home till nine. And I'm sick! I should have mentioned that before, because that is the main reason today sucks. I hate being sick, especially when it's not winter. In the winter, sickness is expected, but in the summer, it's a waste of time. I am so tired and I have an AP exam tomorrow but Mr. Welsch said we shouldn't study but instead waste our time on a pointless Adam Sandler movie or something of the like, just so we wouldn't think too hard about anything. I watched American Idol; I figured that sufficed. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I think it will be better. The song of the day is "Safety Bricks" by Broken Social Scene. I'm on a BSS kick lately. 

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