May 22

As I type this, Twilight is playing from a TV directly behind me. Today my mom graduated and the day was long and boring. But at night we went to the part of Philadelphia near UPenn and it was beautiful. Right before and right after sunset is the perfect light for photography. I made everyone wait to get a table at the restaurant so I could walk a couple blocks down the street and take a picture of a blue bicycle. I saw it while we were driving and knew it would make a good shot. It did. While I was standing in front of the bicycle a boy rode behind me on a bike. He was maybe twenty. He said "Hi!" and I turned around and saw him looking behind him ad smiling as he rode in the opposite direction. It caught me off guard because people don't usually talk to strangers, especially when their backs are turned and they are taking a picture of a blue bicycle. What an awesome guy! I don't know what we're doing tomorrow but I have a feeling it will involve the Liberty Bell and/ or Urban Outfitters.

I really want Twilight to be my guilty pleasure but it just makes me irritated. I'm going to watch it anyways. The song of the day is "A Girl In Port" by Okkervil River. 

Let fall your soft and swaying skirt; let fall your shoes, let fall your shirt

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J. Frixj said...

dat song lyrics is "gettin naked" ohhh yeeeeaaahh