May 24

This man is doing what I did about ten seconds earlier. Maybe you can't tell, but this picture was taken in the midst of a heavy downpour during which I ran from this door to the car approximately ten feet away and became drenched. For some reason whenever my hair gets wet it dries crunchy. Today all I did was travel from Philadelphia back home, so nothing really interesting to report. The Cheesecake Factory sucks. I hate everything about it. I hate how big their portions are and how many damn choices you have to make. Is it really necessary to have thirty different kinds of cheesecake? We got turtle cheesecake, and it tasted like sweet goo. Painful. They really should spend more of their enormous funds on honing cheesecake and nothing else. Just original cheesecake, none of this whole-snickers-bar-baked-into-the-cheesecake-topped-with-caramel-and-chocolate shit. Gah. I think chain restaurants might be the problem with everything.

The song of the day is "Marry Song" by Band of Horses. Today I listened to music for five hours and I made some "On-the-Go Playlists." One was "Songs for Graduation," on which most of the songs had nothing to do with graduation, and the other was "When I Sing Along to These Songs I Sometimes Close My Eyes Cause They're So Great." Marry Song was on the second one. The MFA is free tomorrow, an opportunity I will no doubt take advantage of. 

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jennifer said...

sorry phoebe. i agree with you about chain resturaunts, but i love cheese cake factory, and i think that many good cheese cakes is necessary