May 30

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I slept over Abby's house. Actually I should say I stayed over, since as far as I can tell, I was never fully asleep. We went to bed at about five but I remained fully awake until the sun was up, mostly due to the combined snores of Liz, Lanny, Jeff, and Ben Meyers, who were all immediately surrounding me. Then I fell asleep for about two hours. People sleep funny. Liz and Lanny both claimed to be non-snorers despite my hard proof. Ben Meyers talked in his sleep, and the only comprehensible word was "unforgettable." That struck me as an extremely suitable thing for Ben to say in his sleep. I still love prom, which is weird, because I never have seen myself as a fervent proponent of school events. My dancing is becoming stranger. Yesterday I cleared a circle around myself three times, but mostly only because people are disgusted and feel the need to back away. This is comical to me. 

Today on the way to Michela's house with Liz and Jeff, 88.9 played a song about cats. It's the song of the day even though I don't know what it's called. The lyric most often repeated was "What kind of cat are you?" which made me happy and eager to volunteer an answer. "Catalyst?" the singer's voice cheerfully offered. 88.9 is great and often seems to be hosting some weirdly themed spotlight. Usually it's either reggae or children's music. Today is the first time the sun was out all week and I walked to CVS with my mom and my cousin. The mass graves of the trees are finally cleared away, as of yesterday. Seeing my street so clean and pretty creates an air that the wounds inflicted by the ice storm are finally healing. I like the idea that we experienced an event tumultuous enough to seriously impact our lives. The damage wasn't repaired the week after, but only will be years after. 

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sjglick said...

ERS posts all song lists on their web site.