May 23

My sister just said, " I wish celebrities lived in tiny houses." I wonder why she said that. Does she mean tiny as in little models of houses that can fit in outstretched palms? I don't know if I've mentioned it on this blog before, but I am going to California for two weeks this summer. We are camping in Yosemite and then backpacking through San Francisco. I'm really excited because I've never been to any part of California before. Since I won't be able to blog every day, I was thinking about maybe putting up a lot of pictures for every time I have access to a computer, and writing about the whole trip. Hmm. I am anticipating taking a lot of great pictures this summer, so I'm brainstorming projects. I don't want to hint at any though, in case they don't work out. The song of the day is "Gronlandic Edit" by Of Montreal. Today I wrote two lists on the electronic notepad on my cell phone. One was things I have to do on Monday, and the other was albums I have to download. Today I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I liked it and "Get Me Away From Here (I'm Dying) by Belle and Sebastian was in part of it. I love that song. It should have been song of the day. It reminds me of Freshman Year when it was Parker's myspace song, and then I learned that I liked Belle and Sebastian. I am typing really fast for some reason. The picture of the day is my cousin Ali. The picture is grainy but I have no better alternative. 

Also we went to Urban Outfitters and there was strangely no mens's section. Then we shopped at a Farmer's Market and there were Amish women working there and I thought for a little that they were just dressing up but then realized that they were Amish and felt stupid. If you were Amish, what would you think about all the people around you that weren't Amish? That they were just wrong or suffering? Like living the wrong way? It's really weird that people can have such different beliefs and lifestyles but they're all right. Or at least say they are. 

I have a headache on the bridge of my nose.

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#1 Fan said...

I'm glad the trip to the boring and long graduation had some redeeming moments like being with your cousin and photographing a cool bike in good light.