May 6

Today was uneventful kind of. I took an anatomy test for which I knew no material and by the halfway point I wasn't even reading questions anymore. I hope I get lucky in the last weeks of high school and nobody gives me anymore schoolwork, cause I just won't do it. It's weird that this week and next week are the busiest weeks of my school year. I think every hour is planned. As a result I am unbearably tired and I keep sleeping in unusual places. This morning after I got out of bed, I sat down on my floor to sort through the piles of clothes that liter it, and then fell asleep sitting up and leaning on the dresser. I also fell asleep in study with my face on a deck of AP World History flash cards, and almost again during pit rehearsal. I like being busy though; it beats being idle. The song of the day is "Arms Against Atrophy" by Titus Andronicus. I'm taking the AP Lit test tomorrow and I am nervous. It's going to be hard and tedious. But words cannot express the relief I will feel when it's over. I can see the finish line. Oh yeah I have to write a paper on the menstrual cycle for this Friday. And yes, I chose that topic.

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