May 14

Liz keeps a journal and writes in it every day of the year. She's as diligent as I am on this blog. It's really enviable to me that she can look back in her journal to see what she was thinking and doing exactly a year ago. I don't remember what I was doing last year. Today I am getting over a minor sickness and I'm done with AP tests. Since I will be playing in the pit for the majority of the school day tomorrow, and going to Martha's Vineyard on Monday, I guess I have two days of high school left. Weird. When is this heavily anticipated relief going to hit me? This is Stella's tail and the song of the day is Jesus, Etc. by Wilco. It's a beautiful, mournful song. I'm definitely not going to do a photo of the day blog next year, but maybe I'll do one in five or ten years. I still want to blog next year though. I have all these ideas. 

The end of high school is more anticlimactic than I ever could have anticipated. Does anyone else agree, or am I alone? I just realized I have so many recently taken pictures that no one has ever seen. I don't know what to do with them. I take too many pictures, and most of them never appear anywhere outside of iphoto. I just thought I heard a bee but it was Stella snoring. Today I had to take a math placement test for college and it was weirdly very difficult. I hate math a lot more than the average person. During the course of the test, I became spiteful towards college as an entity, math as an entity, and Mrs. Redford. My lips are chapped. I want to do something fun this weekend. 

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