May 16

I can't get used to the idea that summer vacation is about to start, because it doesn't feel like spring is over yet. But this weekend is really fun, and driving home from Steve's tonight I started to realize that my summer is going to be so great. I really want to write a graduation speech, but I can't get a hook. I hope a lack of a hook doesn't end up being the reason for not writing one though. Besides that, I don't have any pressing obligations right now.

It is raining and I am drinking ginger ale that tastes funny. I think I should stop but I can't. Oh today Liz, Kelsey, Michela and I went prom dress shopping even though two of us already have dresses. Prom dress shopping still sucks, but it was a fun day overall. I can't find my ipod so I had to listen to cassettes in the car. My favorite mix tape got tangled up with an earring and the tape came out and made loops. This freaked me out a lot, but I soon realized you can rewind tapes. Rewinding tapes + driving = bad driving. Another way to word this equation is not looking at the road + not steering = bad driving. 

The song of the day is "Train in Vain" by the Clash. I'm collecting pictures that will chronicle my high school experience and it's fun.


J. Frixj said...

Mixtapes! LIKE MY BLOG! Except on tapes!

Phoebe Glick said...

you know what mixtape it was? mixtape number three phobby horse

Jeph Green said...

that is not a horse