May 11

Why is it that everyone is constantly worried about something, and then when that worry is over, it is replaced by a new one? I guess it's just natural human condition to be perpetually irked. I keep looking to a time where I won't be anxious or concerned about anything, and I am still waiting. I can't wait until the play is over. I am sick of waking up with "we love you co-on-rad" in my head. The song of the day is "Marry Song" by Band of Horses. I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist today and I didn't like it at all. That actress is so annoying. And she doesn't even listen to music, I don't think. My sister is sick and I can feel myself catching it. Great. Today Graham took his shirt off in English for no reason and rehearsal lasted an extra hour. I ate so much junk food against my free will. I am so tired of senior prom and it's still weeks away. Oh, and today was my last Monday in high school! Unless I don't go to Martha's Vineyard. I probably won't actually.

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