June 1

I didn't know it was June until just now when I typed "May 32" into the title box. What an anticlimactic beginning to my favorite month. Today I went to Wachusett to get my speech from Mr. Weymouth. He was in a meeting so I waited in his office with Ms. Frustachi and a nondescript language teacher for a while. It was during this time that I realized the ironic pointlessness of Ms. Frustachi at Wachusett. She asked me airily, "Who is Susan Boyle?" I didn't want to explain, and I was also embarrassed that I knew, so I told her to YouTube it. This launched her into a series of giggles shared with the language teacher, to whom she proclaimed, "I got my tubes tied!" which somehow was relevant to YouTube. I suddenly felt very uncomfortable. 

My mom bought craisins from Trader Joe's so today was salvaged a little. The song of the day is "Like Dylan in the Movies" by B&S. It took me forty five minutes to drive to Michela's house because they are renovating the three feet long bridge on Ball Hill, and will be doing so for the remainder of the summer. The "detour" took me into Rutland, through a cattle farm, down a dark, windy, narrow, dirt road, and into the center of Princeton, which is only about four minutes away from Ball Hill. It was aggravating, especially because I knew for the majority of the time I was driving that I was going the wrong way, but I continued still. The only part that made hanging out at Michela's (which was boring, sorry Michela) worthwhile was that I saw a porcupine sitting in the middle of the unlit dirt path posing as a "road." The porcupine undulated as he walked and it was just the cutest damn thing. I obnoxiously tried to take pictures through the window of the car, with the flash on. He didn't seem to mind that, nor the highbeams. I'm going to get a Twitter. 

I really like the people I like. If that makes sense. Sometimes I find the good parts of people when no one else does. 

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