June 25

I had imaginary friends throughout my childhood. My closest imagined companion was named Goma. He was too early for me to remember, but my mother tells me that once, while waiting in line at a Subway, I pointed to a middle-aged and balding man and said, "Mommy, that man looks just like Goma."

When I grew older my imaginary friends were slightly more rational. In the first grade they were three human-sized gummy bears. Their leader was Berry, who was green, and who rode on my shoulders. Everyday, I walked home in the walking line extending my arms high in the air, in order to keep Berry securely fastened. Once Ed Shoro asked me why I always held my arms up while walking. It was embarrassing and from then on, Berry held on himself. Berry's friend was Bloo-oo. Bloo-oo came around after I had begun losing creativity with names. She was blue, and that was the only thing I remember about her.

As a very young child I liked to sit on the toilet with the seat down. I fit perfectly. My weirdest imaginary friend to date was the structure behind the toilet, home to the toilet pump. I named it Vagina. 

Happy sweet 16 Emily!


Baroque Pop Radio said...

Chocolate Cake for breakfast!

kathryn. said...

i'm sorry that my older brother basically ruined your childhood