June 16

The song of the day is "Hard Life" by Bonnie "Prince" Billy. When Liz and I drove home from Jenny Naze's house this song came on and I told Liz that it was a beautiful song so she was quiet during all of its three and a half minutes. Sometimes I dwell on future events that will make me sad. I hate when they make me sad during the present. It seems like a waste of sad. Today was a nice day off but tomorrow I go back to having my soul slowly sucked out at Farmland. Can I just say, that I think I liked Into the Wild less than everyone else. Today Kathryn said she gets intoxicated by her own thoughts. It was meant as a joke, but it reminded me of Thoreau. I need to do some soul searching soon. I can't wait to go to California.

I've got a big big big heartbeat yeah

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