June 26

I didn't blog last night! Oh no! The excuse is only that I waited until too late and then my mother made me go to sleep. I bought this candle with Jeff at the dollar store and it smells really nice and the smell will probably always remind me of the last two weeks. Last night we all gathered at Jeff's house because he is leaving for RISD today, and even though I am not leaving anywhere (yet), I felt like I was saying goodbye to a particular era and not just a person. On Sunday I am going to orientation. Then I am coming home for two days and then leaving for California. When I get back, half of July will be over and I will work all the time. It's possible that the last two weeks have been the most fun of my life. Jeff Greene. There's a dead spider on my printer. 

Song of the day is "For Emma" by Bon Iver. Kelsey says that album reminds her of the ice storm. That's extremely appropriate. 

But me I'm a single cell, on a serpent's tongue

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Kelsey Lee said...

That's one of my favorite Bright Eyes songs.