June 9

This is what happens when you leave the camera on the deck chair with the shutter speed open for thirty seconds in the dark and pretend nothing happened. Today was a lot like yesterday in the way that I didn't do much productive, but the main difference was that my mom woke me up at nine thirty so I was unproductive while awake instead of while asleep. When I woke up the rain was coming down hard and I don't think there is any weather I would prefer to wake up to, or to fall asleep to, than steady rain. I finally have my own room back, even though it still smells like my grandmother's perfume. Whenever I am away from my own room and my own bed for a while, I realize how much I love it and how much of a luxury it is. I am going to be so homesick next year, for people at home, but also for my physical house. Rain is good. But warm rain is better, and today was very cold. The song of the day is "Skinny Love" by Bon Iver. It's a cold rain song, but even more so an ice and dirty snow. I realized that all my friends who have blogs have songs of the day. Who decided it was mandatory to have songs of the day? I'm really happy that a lot of my friends have blogs now, because it makes the whole endeavor more interesting, but I worry that some people do it even thought they don't like it. And the song of the day thing also worries me because I don't want there to be a standard format a blog has to follow. Everyone's is different, because it really should just be an organization of thoughts open for public viewing. How gracious of everyone, to share their wonderful and private thoughts.

Yesterday my aunt ordered me an iPod for graduation. I am so happy about this. I lost my iPod sometime last fall, and since then I've been using a "makeshift" one: a free Nano that my mom got from work. It only holds 4 GB (way too little). I recently lost this iPod, but I'm not even trying to find it, because I hate that damn thing. It represents the constraints that prevented me from listening to what I wanted to. Like the constraints of size, or of money, or of unattainability. I can't wait for tomorrow, I actually have things to do. 

I almost forgot to blog about my flute recital tonight. It happened. I played Syrinx, which was my favorite piece I ever played. Tim kissed me on the cheek, which was weird because he's never been really happy with a performance of mine. He always just says "Alright. Good." It doesn't bother me because I know he thinks I play well and he is just trying to get me to be better. Today he said it was beautiful. My Dave Eggers book is absolutely wonderful. He is so good I can't believe he's alive.

Come on, skinny love, just last the year.


Bryan Diehl said...

Phoebe. You are so right about the song of the day! I didn't even think about it... I just kind of do it!

Kelsey Lee said...

I like having song of the day when it fits! But you're right, I usually feel the need to do it for no apparent reason other than everyone else has one. Hmmmm ..

Jeph Green said...

I just straight up copied you, then tried to cover my tracks with "song that fits my current mood." Picking the song of the day is fun, and a good way to summarize the blogs theme.
Good idea Phoebz