June 23

This picture is taken by Emily. I am eating craisins right now because I love craisins. I don't understand the premise of the "Final Destination" movies. I've never seen one, but from what I understand, they feature an insignificant plot that does little to cover the true motive: showcasing horrific, gruesome, and improbable deaths. It scares me that these movies have a fan base.

Lately I've not been having much to blog about. Sometimes I find myself in a lull. Most of my days are the same. Today I forgot what day it is. It's not so bad though. Oh, I went to McDonalds.


The song of the day is "Romulus" by Sufjan Stevens. I'm excited for tomorrow!


Kelsey Lee said...

McDonald's wasn't SOO bad :(

Kelsey Lee said...

but really .. that's what are lives have come to

Phoebe Glick said...

the company wasn't bad, i'll give it that.

Liz said...

beautiful song